March 4th, 2009

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New Product

Introducing the Back Booster

"The Ultimate in Portable Lumbar Support"

"With a few breaths the BackBooster becomes the ultimate portable lumbar pillow..."

The BackBooster is INFLATABLE, unlike traditional lumbar products. This allows the BackBooster to be taken virtually anywhere support is needed.

Product details:
- Invented by two Chiropractors
- Patented design accommodates people of all sizes
- Unmatched portability - inflates in a few breaths and deflates to pocket size
- Half the retail price of other similar supports
- Convenient nylon travel bag
- Customizable inflation levels
- Made of high-quality, waterproof PVC
- Adjustable nylon strap with plastic clips for added stability
- Made with no metal parts to avoid airport security delays
- Pillow measures 13.5 x 14 x 3.1 inches when fully inflated
- Compact and attractive packaging 6 X 4.5 X2 inches minimizes shelf space

Seeking resellers of all types. International Distributorships available.

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 The DMA 2009 Statistical Fact Book

The ROI Evolution of Email Marketing

Where we’ve been:
In the last decade, marketers have been easily distracted by all the “next big things,” and many have unfortunately lost their way and missed the big picture. While many marketers have been focused on building second life islands and designing applications for Facebook and Web 2.0, they have turned a blind eye to truly maximizing their organization’s value by optimizing their main vehicle of electronic communications. Yes, I am talking about email marketing.

When done right, it still delivers superior, measurable ROI. Unfortunately, many marketers have become complacent while totally forgetting about measurability metrics and most importantly, ROI. Now that the economic times have turned the pressure cooker to high, it’s time to get back to what works.

Where we are:
The bigger issue keeping email marketing from truly soaring through the stratosphere is that many marketers are under the illusion that their current email programs are great, even when they may be deplorable. Keep in mind that even the worst email programs (those with no real goal, strategy, or clickable calls to actions and terrible rendering) still drive results. What most marketers don’t realize is how much more they could be getting out of their email programs. If they allocated even half the attention and budget to email as it deserves, then results would improve exponentially.

As an analogy...
Read the full article of, The ROI Evolution of Email Marketing

New Added Bonus:
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Maxwell Sackheim

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- Past NMOA Advisor!

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5 tested techniques to write stronger e-mail subject lines.
These are not rocket science, anyone can use them, and - they work:

1-Put a number in the subject line.
Numbers work. Why? Because when the recipient sees "7 ways to do X," she wants to know what the 7 ways are - and she opens your e-mail to find out.

Subject: The 22 habits of financially successful writers

2-Be mysterious.
Arouse curiosity. Hint at what you are offering, but withhold revelation of the answer. The recipient has to click on the e-mail to find out exactly what you are talking about.

Subject: The easiest product to sell online

An e-mail with the above subject line generated 392 orders for an e-book. Had we actually named the easiest product to sell online, I do not think it would have pulled as much.

Read the final 3 techniques for writing stronger email subject lines here.


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