February 25, 2009

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Introducing Vermont Stone Crosses

We’ve been working with stone for 25 years. Through our building and refurbishing of natural New England stone walls, we discovered and grew to love the beauty, texture and feel of local New England stone.

We made our first stone cross years ago, on a whim, as a gift to celebrate a friend’s return from a personal visit with Pope John Paul II. Realizing we had created something unique, we made more, experimenting with different stone, sizes and designs.

Each cross is handmade from Norumbega Field stone.

Like all of our stonework, we let each stone guide us to preserve the natural edges and surface, producing a different result every time.

They are used in homes, gardens for decoration, and pet burial grounds. The crosses sizes are 2' and 18'' and 2'' thick. $300 and $400 retail. All crosses can be engraved.

ken hamblin 802-356-5465

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 The DMA 2009 Statistical Fact Book

Align Sales with Marketing to Maximize ROI

“I don’t understand it. We’re spending more on marketing, but not getting real growth in sales.” Dick Jerrod, president of the company, frowned as he addressed his management team. They were gathered in the conference room.

Sherry Martin the CFO spoke up first. “We should look for ways to improve productivity. How can we spend less and get more?”

Bud Shipp, Vice President of Sales, answered. “It’s just like Joseph Wanamaker said a hundred years ago. Half the money we spend on advertising is wasted, but the trouble is we don’t know which half.”

“In this down economy, we better figure it out.” Dick let his demeanor speak for his determination.

Troy Watkins, Vice President of Production, said “I have an idea. Let’s look at the buyer’s thought process when they make purchasing decisions. Armed with that information, we can be sure our sales and marketing efforts fit.”

Troy had the right idea. Understanding how customers decide to buy and what they need to know to make the decision helps you spend marketing dollars wisely and increases the odds of closing sales. Inside your company, the goal of marketing is to match people with products, to acquire customers and keep them. The goal of sales is to persuade someone to buy today.
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 Billion Dollar Marketing
 The Book!

New and collector copies of this book are selling on Amazon.com for as high as $107.95 with the low price at $85.00

We have 5 brand new copies left, still in original shrink wrap, delivered to you for only $65.90. USA

Maxwell Sackheim

- The Man Who Revolutionized 20th Century Mail Order Advertising!  
- Originator of Book-of-the-Month Club and the Negative Option Plan!
- Member of Copywriters & DMA Hall of Fame!
- Past NMOA Advisor!

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14 Tips for Small Businesses to Thrive in a Down Economy
If your thoughts are primarily fear based, if you’re envisioning the worst for yourself and your business, if your conversations are focused predominately on bad news, then you’re seriously impeding your own success. Instead of giving succor to all the negative blathering, buckle down and determine to take three actions every single day to improve revenue! Here are some suggestions.

1. Don’t you DARE Pick up that Phone Unless it’s to Generate Business! Be ruthlessly disciplined about generating business as JOB ONE. Any activity that doesn’t secure new business should be delegated, or done during non-business hours. Prioritize everything else around this fundamental principle. During business hours, dedicate yourself exclusively to building your business.

2. Virtually Stalk your Prospects: Describe your ideal client. What types of organizations do they belong to? Join them. What kinds of publications do they read? Read them. What types of events do they attend? Attend them. Differentiate yourself with detective work about your targeted prospects. Research them; tap your network to learn more. This information helps warm up cold contacts, sets you apart from the most others who won’t go to this much effort.
To read the final 12 tips for how small businesses can thrive, click here.


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