February 18, 2009

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Introducing Zapp Gum
ZAPP chewing gum is the only mainstream chewing gum that is 100% Sugar Free, and 100% Aspartame free. Health conscious consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, and there is no other gum that is sugar free and also free of artificial sweeteners.

We use an all natural sugar free sweetener called Xylitol to sweeten our products. Xylitol is proven to prevent cavities. By simply switching to ZAPP gum, consumers are able to continue enjoying gum, eliminate the possible side effects of artificial sweeteners, and prevent cavities, all for the same cost per pack as what they currently chew. Our gum has 5 award winning flavors and has been the subject of many university clinical trials.

ZAPP Gum is also safe for diabetics as Xylitol metabolizes independent of insulin. Thousands of consumers have switched to ZAPP gum and thousands more just simply don't know a product like ours is available.

We have been manufacturing ZAPP gum for 7 years and do significant online sales, all direct to the consumer. We are interested in a full service rep handling our line for marketing to catalogs and others.

Contact: Matt Willer
ZAPP Brands, Inc.

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 The DMA 2009 Statistical Fact Book

Your Personal Economic Stimulus Package:
6 Tips to Kick Start Your Revenue Growth

Efforts of the Barack Obama administration aside, what is your plan to grow your own wealth? Whether you’re a business owner or professional, the prospect of creating financial success may seem remote or even impossible. If the current economic crisis seems like it’s gone on forever and has you trembling inside, you may be hesitating to place your bets. That hesitation will impact your financial results in ways that you probably don’t even want to think about now. So before too much time slips away, here are some ideas to take yourself and your revenue generation plan in hand and get the results you want.

1. Choose to be confident. The level of confidence you have about your ability to bring your plan to life will impact your ability to do so, and in tangible ways. One of the most likely ways, and one with which you’re probably familiar, is procrastination. Piers Steel, Ph.D., of the University of Calgary conducted an in-depth analysis of 691 research sources on the causes of procrastination. The number one cause? Lack of confidence.
Read all the tips for kick starting your revenue growth here.

5 ways to build instant credibility online
Prospects are skeptical, especially online.

Here are 5 copywriting techniques to help you quickly reduce skepticism ... and get Internet buyers to trust you more:

1-Credibility pre-head.
A "credibility pre-head" is a line of copy above the headline designed to instantly establish the marketer as an authority or expert. For example, I use the following credibility pre-head at the top of every one of my product's landing pages: "Bob Bly, the man McGraw-Hill calls 'America's top copywriter', and the author of more than 70 books...."

In one pithy phrase, I have instantly given my prospect 2 reasons why he should read -- and pay attention to -- what I have written on the page he is visiting.

2-Two-column landing page.
In a traditional one-column landing page, you have to scroll through a lot of copy before you get to the author's bio, testimonials, and other credibility-builders. I favor a two-column format. The main sales letter is in the wider column at right. In the left column are the credibility builders, including my bio ... picture ... and testimonials. This way, the credibility copy is right up top, so the visitor sees it immediately on the first screen. For example:

Read all of the 5 ways to build instant credibility online here.


Customer Relationship Management
The sine qua non for business success today is performance measured in economic terms. Shareholder value is often the top item on the minds of senior executives. While Wall Street demands quarterly financial performance, senior executives need to balance security analyst requirements with creating a successful long-term business strategy. Those who succeed in meeting both short- and long-term goals will be tomorrow’s heroes.

Myriad tools and programs have been designed in the past two decades to assist senior managers in the pursuit of the optimally functioning organization. "Total quality management," the "balanced scorecard," and "re-engineering" are among the host of offerings. Continue the Customer Relationship Discussion here.

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