February 4, 2009

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NetTel USA
is a cost-effective, high quality US based provider of call center solutions. Our goal is to help you communicate with your customer-base more effectively utilizing our wide array of Call Center services.

The basis of our approach is flexibility, which allows us to design programs best suited to our client’s objectives. We act as an off-site extension of our clients’ internal operations for short and long term projects or as a backup for business continuity.

Our unique ability to quickly respond to a client’s changing needs and adapt seamlessly to manage projects makes us an excellent solution for your Call Center needs.

Contact: Joseph Vassar
Tel: 800-208-8565
Email: sales@nettelusa.com
Web: www.nettelusa.com


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Successful Direct Marketing Methods
As the name suggests, direct marketing is a form of marketing which is direct. To make marketing direct it has to meet two specific criteria. Firstly, as you`d imagine, the messages that the marketing is aiming to get across must be sent directly to the consumers, not through any form of media middle-man. Mostly companies and marketers do this through sending e-mails, direct mail or telemarketing. Secondly, it tracks how many sales are made through a `call-to-action` framework; basically, if the e-mail tells the consumer to go to a website it tracks how many of them click through to that site. This is the same for direct mail with free phone numbers.

Direct marketing is popular because it's easy to keep track of how many people respond to it. To make any form of marketing a success you need to see which strategies work and which don't and this is best done by measuring how many people respond to it. Non-direct marketing, such as television adverts or billboards, don't measure how many people have responded to that one ad in particular. Read the rest of Successful Direct Marketing Methods.

January 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing Digest Free
Within the last 24 hours we just posted a new sample issue of Direct Marketing Digest for all our weekly newsletter subscribers to have at no charge. That's you!

In this issue we feature our one-on-one Direct Marketing Success Story interview with Don Kotula, founder of Northern Tool + Equipment catalog and retail stores. Don also introduces his newest catalog venture, Katula's

Don comes from a small Northern town in Minnesota and built his business over the last 30 years. It has grow to almost a Billion Dollars in annual sales. Don't miss this great issue and what Don has to say to the 30 questions we ask about his journey to direct marketing success. http://www.nmoa.org/newslet/index.htm


One MORE Thing You Can Do to Get More Business
“Feed you business and your business will feed you!

In recent years this cliché’ has come to mean feeding your business a balanced diet from the 4 business food groups:
- Education
- Public Relations
- Marketing
- Advertising

Most business owners see these four groups as two spending categories, however these MUST be 4 spending accounts in your ledger, if not you’ll have an empty calendar and an empty bank account. In the past year, a fifth business food group has emerged, Social Media. Let’s take a quick look at the traditional four and how they relate to the latest addition.
Read the rest of One MORE Thing You Can Do to Get More Business

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