January 21, 2009

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NEW Product

Bathtub Foot Scrubbers is a new product that will make your life easier when cleaning the bathtub. Bathtub Foot Scrubbers make cleaning the bathtub simple and effortless by using the pressure of one's feet to do all the hard scrubbing and cleaning.

This product is the solution for the busy person who does not have the time or the "hired help" to do the dirty work, but have to do the work themselves. They perform the job fast, they are efficient, they are easy and fun to use. You can also use them to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors.

°Straps are adjustable, made from elastic material with Velcro straps. °Reversible, one side is sponge for light cleaning the other a scouring pad for tough stains. °Reusable, simply rinse out and dry between uses.
°One size fits all.

Resellers and Distributors Wanted.

Joe Perez
phone: 650-280-6739
email: Click here
Bathtub Foot Scrubbers Website


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Selling a Price Increase in a Soft Market
Selling a price increase can be difficult in nearly any type of situation, but trying to sell one in a soft market can be downright brutal. Yet, as unpleasant as it can be, it is often essential. The problem of selling a price increase in a soft market usually stems from the fact that the salesperson and the customer are coming at the situation from different perspectives. Especially in times like this, it is imperative for the salesperson to understand that regardless of what the market or economy is doing, if a price increase needs to be sold, it needs to be sold. This means that the salesperson can't go into the sales process believing that the customer is going to reject the price increase unless the deal can be saved by offering some type of discount. If they approach the meeting with this attitude, they almost guarantee failure because a customer will never pay more than a salesperson tells them to.
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Selling a Price Increase in a Soft Market

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Why Strategic Plans Don’t Work…And What to do About It
For any business, strategic planning is a necessity. It’s the key to looking to the future and creating a direction intentionally as opposed to simply reacting to the marketplace on a daily basis. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, strategic planning helps company leaders maintain their sanity and build a company based on the values that matter most to them.

Historically, strategic planning meant going offsite for a few days once a year and laying out the company’s goals and direction for the next eighteen to thirty-six months. And most businesses, especially the larger ones, feel they need to engage in this exercise to get everyone on the same page. However, surveys show that most executives are dissatisfied with the results they get from that investment of time. In fact, over fifty percent of executives say that they’re unhappy with their strategic planning process right now. So while they think strategic planning is necessary, they don’t fully realize the benefits they were hoping to attain from it.
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Why Strategic Plans Don’t Work…And What to do About It

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