January 14, 2009

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Vmail is an email voice program and includes all the equipment necessary to start immediately.

Speak as long as you like into the recorder. When you are through talking, hit "send" on the recorder and a new email opens up in your regular email program.

Address it and click "send".

It's done! The recipient does not need the program to open it and Vmail works with all email programs, but does not work with Macs.

Great for telemarketing!

Resellers of all types wanted.

Les Baskind
Kal Kreations
Tel: 800-287-9642
Email: les@kalkreations.com

Web: www.vmailyouremail.com



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Going Global for Profits - Growth Opportunities For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
Today's evolutionary technology allows us to live in an integrated, interdependent and interconnected world. It creates enormous opportunities for small and mid-sized companies to compete and thrive in international markets. Small businesses have the advantage of being flexible, creative, ingenious and innovative. Since they are not cluttered with the layers of bureaucracy that their larger counterparts have, they move quickly through the decision-making process. The playing field in the international arena is leveled for small businesses to take the plunge-it lets them achieve growth and expansion and finally sharpen the competitive spirit of their owners and managers.

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that 95% of the world's population lives outside the U.S., and that two thirds of the world's purchasing power is located overseas. These statistics indicate that if a company is serious about competing and growing, it cannot ignore the international marketplace. The fact is, the longer you're out of world markets, the more opportunities you lose and the more opportunities you give to your local and foreign competitors.

Some of the Incentives for Going Global are: Click here for full article.

 -- Hot Opportuntiy! --
Distributor Opportunities for WondaWedge in the following countries.


Europe is open, with the exception of U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands.

Opportunities like this don't last long, if you have a successful marketing track record in one of these countries or another, please contact us today.

If you are a catalog or web retailer of consumer products, this is proving to be a popular product in many areas.
Learn more about the WondaWedge and contact info here!

Release Brakes: How to Break the Fear Barrier in Business
As I write this article at my favorite Starbucks, I can't help but hear the conversation next to me. A middle-aged woman is having a coffee meeting with a peer discussing job opportunities, the market, and their personal networks. It's obvious that she's lost her job due to cutbacks and is networking like mad, reaching out to her wingmen and exploring job opportunities.

Sound familiar?

We all know someone who recently lost a job or who is struggling with their business. The economy is tough today. Sales are down, credit is tight, budgets are being slashed, and jobs are being cut. We've all been affected. It's just reality. And while we can't control Wall Street, the only thing we can control is how we react to what's going on. As my friend and wingman John Harrington of OTR Consultants says, when adversity strikes, "we either fear or we lead."
Click here for full article.

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