December 3, 2008

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New Product

WondaWedge is the ONLY inflatable back support pillow designed by a physiotherapist, allowing the user to set their own comfort level.

Get ready for spring and summer 2009 sales now.

Need a last minute 2008 Christmas item...this is it!

The WondaWedge is a super handy and useful product that solves the problem of "convenient" outdoor lounging.

The unique thing that sets the WondaWedge apart from any other outdoor lounging product is "Inflatability," because it allows users to set their own comfort level, and allows the product to fold down for travel and storage. Other products in this category do not offer this feature.

It’s the ONLY lightweight, easily transportable, waterproof beach or outdoor recreational lounger.

Packs easily in a suitcase and stows away in a small space when deflated and not in use.

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Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

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Web 2.0 could change business communications forever
The most frequent criticism I’ve heard about the new Apple iPhone is that it ‘doesn’t handle email too well’, as least not when compared to a Blackberry. When you look at the iPhone home screen you get an idea why. Email is there, of course, but so is YouTube and SMS, and usually the free applications for Facebook and MySpace Mobile.

Why would Apple apparently place so little emphasis on email? The answer is simple. For the young consumer, email isn’t the primary communications channel that it is in the business world. A friend of mine who is the Principal of a school in Sweden tried to email the school list but got very little response. When he asked his pupils why they hadn’t replied, the most common answer was that they hadn’t read his email.

Young people don’t communicate that much via email anymore. They don’t devote time to checking their emails and so the feedback on sent emails is slow and indirect. They prefer to communicate via faster and more direct ways such as SMS, online communities and web messaging.
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The Skinny on Slim Jims (ACMA November 2008 Update)
Many catalogers are trying to determine what to do with slim jims. You have received several previous reports from us on slim jims, and we promised to provide an update this fall. (“Slim jims” is industry slang for digest sized catalogs, folded self-mailers and slim-tabbed catalogs that are expected to ride on the USPS’s automated letter sorting equipment and thereby get an automated letter rate—a substantial discount to the traditional catalog or “flats” postage rates.)

First, a brief historical background: Recall that the PRC suggested catalogers simply convert to a slim jim format as a lower cost alternative to the sharply higher catalog mailing rates that became effective in summer 2007 in the wake of the disastrous R2006-1 rate increases. While many catalogers did not want to address the cost and brand implications of reformatting their books, some did; predictably, the volume of slim jims in the mail stream increased.
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Mailing and Contact Lists of Catalog Companies.
Do you have something to sell to catalog companies? If so, there are two ways to get the contact information you need.

One: If the type of catalog does not matter to you, then the purchase of the National Directory of Catalogs would be a good fit for you.

Two: If you only sell to a specific type of catalog, for example "Catalogs that sell Tools and Hardware" you can find all the major catalogs by specific category using the MediaFinder Catalog Search Tool.

You can also get on-line subscription access to the entire catalog database, along with access to Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters and Journals if you need it. 6 month and yearly subscriptions available. If interested in this, send your name & company, address, and phone number to and we'll get you the details and pricing information. 

3 Lessons Kids Teach You About Business Success
“My see,” were the words my two-year-old daughter Maggie used last week as she extended her arms toward an older woman sitting in the window seat on a spring break flight to Mexico last week. The adult translation of those words is, “Excuse me ma’am, your window seat is better than my middle seat. I would really love to climb over this armrest, jump on your lap and hang out with you for a few minutes so I can look out that window. You good with that?” This woman was obviously well-versed in the ancient language of baby babble, and knew exactly what Maggie was saying. She pulled up the armrest, held out her arms and without hesitation, Maggie plopped onto her lap. They then began cloud gazing while getting to know each other.
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