November 12th, 2008

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New Product

The bagelpodTM
* Accommodates various sizes of bagels, buns, muffins and rolls

* Slices bread products completely for toasting or partially slices for serving

* Sides lock when the blades are engaged

* Gripping and centering sides and patented slicing mechanism ensure more even slicing

* Innovative rubber grips secure bread product and minimize loss of toppings

* Stylish compact design makes an attractive addition to your kitchen

* Top rack dishwasher safe

* Includes a complete instruction booklet

Bagel Slicing Technology...

The Bagelpod slicer is a patented product that makes slicing bagels, buns, muffins and rolls fun, effortless and safe.

The two specially designed serrated blades, made of heat treated 420A stainless steel metal, are always locked behind the units cutting mechanism while the Bagelpod slicer is open and in use.

The two blades cannot be accidentally touched while this unit is in use, so it is 100% safe.

This unique slicer also produces evenly sliced bagels and rolls every time!

Resellers Wanted.

Contact Information:
Mr. Mike Dunlap
915 Bethany Home Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Ph: 602-758-8287
Fx: 602-234-2374

Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

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This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

When Starbucks launches a new Frappucino flavor, does the company just cross their fingers and hope that it does well? Absolutely not. There are months of screening, focus groups and market research conducted. Consumer data and analysis is invaluable to a marketer and is frequently overlooked when compiling a product launch arsenal.

Here is another example. A pan-European company recently launched a new child’s pushchair. Consumer data on preferred style, usability, size, weight, and even the colour were carefully analyzed to ensure that – two years down the design path – the product coincided with customer needs and desires. Knowing this data is invaluable to a product’s successful launch and subsequent longevity in its marketplace. A commonly overlooked way to obtain this valuable data is surprising to some: data lists.

Consumer trends and resulting data are the lifeblood of many companies vying for that top spot in their industry. Consumer trends, buying patterns and geographical rankings of affluence are big business and they hit the news on a regular basis. It’s never a surprise to us that this information is available, or that someone has taken the time to analyze it. Consumer data is about understanding what consumers are doing now and what they’ll be doing next year, and that’s a long-accepted approach. So when it comes to business data, why do we still talk about ‘lists’?
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Three Business Skills Generation Next Can Teach Us Today
For generations, those in the work force have said that the younger generations are lazy. With each passing decade, a new generation of “lazy kids” assumes the mantle of authority and passes the same judgment on those who will succeed them. As time passes, each new group of leaders discovers that the next generation is not lazy; they simply have learned the value of “play.”

The newest generation to enter the work force, Generation Next, has learned the value of “play” in the digital age. Generation Next is the first truly digital generation; people raised and educated using digital media and the internet as an integral part of their basic thinking. Because of their “digital play”, Generation Next has learned to use simulated environments, virtual spaces, teleconferences, text messaging and a myriad of other technologies individually and in combination.

Members of Generation Next have mastered the ability to multitask in ways that prior generations have never imagined. Their upbringing in the digital age provides them with the ability to handle up to 70 simultaneous incoming streams of information in a typical online video game.
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"How To Profit From Social Media Marketing"
11:30 am - 1:00 pm EST on November 19, 2008
The "noise" is deafening. Find out how to turn the "noise" into results.

You've been reading about social media everywhere, from the business
press to the local newspaper.

Industry publications are abuzz about it. It's on the news -- and news outlets are even using it. Just look at CNN's iReport and correspondent Rick Sanchez, who relies on Twitter as an integral part of his reports.

Your boss may be asking about it -- or insisting that the company avoid it like the plague. Then again, if you're a savvy boss, business owner or marketing Pro -- as we suspect you are -- you want to dig into it and "get the goods" on how you can use it to grow your business and your career.  Learn about this important seminar here:

Maximizing Your Price – The Value / Benefit Equation
Price increases are currently occurring at a faster rate than we’ve seen in the US economy for nearly 25 years. The driving forces behind these increases seem to be the rising costs of labor, raw materials, etc. Although these are certainly valid, the real reason for these price increases should stem from the value of the product or service you’re selling, not the cost associated with them. Unfortunately, for the past two decades, there have been many companies leaving billions of dollars of profit on the table because they’ve been basing their pricing on cost rather than the value / benefit equation.

Why should anyone pay more for something than the amount incurred to produce it? For many companies, this seems like a logical question. They determine the cost of their goods and services from a cost-plus model which says that the price you charge should not be out of line with what it costs you to produce it. However, if this was true for all items in today’s marketplace, then we’d all be paying a lot less for tickets to concerts and sporting events, as well as items like computer software, DVDs, etc.
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