November 5th, 2008

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Mr. Stopper, a patent pending door stop from Japan, holds even heavy doors open.

Place Mr. Stopper anywhere along the door you want to hold open. There is no need to jam Mr. Stopper under doors- unless you want to! To close the door, simply pick Mr. Stopper up.

Mr. Stopper can be removed from the door effortlessly!

When using in the standing position, doors are held open by Mr. Stopper’s specially designed ball and axle. The weight of the door is not an issue. Mr. Stopper is easy and fun to use.

Mr. Stopper's silicon body gives a nice feel and high quality appearance. Try the door stop with a touch of style. Choose from four colors: red, blue, green, or yellow.

To see video of Mr. Stopper in action, click here. (Please note there is no audio.)

Resellers welcome.

Krongthip Innovation, Inc.
Attn: Derrek Moore
1-8-8-1F Minami Ikebukuro
Toshima-Ku, Tokyo 171-0022
Tel: 81-3-3985-7887
Fax: 81-3-3985-7888
Skype: dmooreki

Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

Tips to Make Your Online Returns Policy a Competitive Advantage
With the holidays rapidly approaching and the price of gasoline continuing to remain high, you can expect many Americans to leave the family car in the garage this year and shop online. That likely means a boost in e-commerce, and a spotlight squarely on a topic many businesses would prefer to avoid -- online returns.

How much thought has your company given its returns policy? If the answer is “not very much,” you may be missing a golden opportunity.

UPS recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to take a look at online returns, and what they found may surprise you. In a nutshell: returns policies are a bigger factor in consumers’ online buying decisions than most retailers realize. Businesses who make it easier and less expensive for customers to return their products derive an advantage over competitors – and are likely to, in the long term, see increases in sales, customer loyalty, and incremental revenue.

Here are four top tips, based on Forrester’s study, to help turn your online returns policy into a competitive weapon.
Click here to read the four tips and survey:

The $tart-Up $olution: Some Surprising Reasons Why Our “Bad Economy” Is a GREAT Time to Start Your Own Business
These tough economic times have many Americans looking for work—and looking for more ways to make ends meet. Read on for some advice you might not expect to hear right now: Start your own business! By Ed Hess

No one has to be told how grim the employment scene is these days. The ever-higher prices consumers are paying for everything from gas to food to health insurance make it pretty clear that we’re not in an economic boom. Factor in company closings, downsizings, and the financial uncertainty so many organizations are struggling with, and it’s not hard to see why many job-seekers—not to mention the unhappily employed—are discouraged about the future. But don’t despair. If you find yourself out of a job, wishing you could change jobs, or simply needing a second source of income, here is a suggestion for you: Start a small business.
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The DMA 2008 Statistical Fact Book in its 30th Edition is the one authoritative source of direct marketing data. The book brings together meaningful statistics in direct marketing techniques in order to increase your effectiveness and efficiency for winning business decisions. This up-to-the-minute report provides a concise overview which is presented in over 200 pages and 500 tables of direct marketing benchmarks, all in 17 chapters.

Essential direct marketing information covers the following categories:

  • Direct Mail Habits and Trends
  • Catalog Buyer Habits and Trends
  • Direct Marketing Advertising
  • Interactive Media and Email
  • Lists/ Databases
  • Hispanic Market Figures
  • B-to-B Sales Forecast
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Trends in Coupon Distribution
  • Television and Home Shopping
  • International Direct Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management

In-depth sections comprise of tables, charts and survey results revealing details about: Multichannel marketing in the catalog industry, trends in coupon distribution, telephone sales operation costs, television and home shopping, online marketing advertising strategies, Hispanic market figures, list rental revenue and sources, U.S. population demographics, B-to-B sales forecast, customer service and customer relationship management, and much more! Click here for more info and ordering details.

Five Fatal Business Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
Business is tougher today than it was a year ago. Recently, a mid-sized company evaluated its situation: It faced a quickly shrinking market, and people just weren’t buying as much. Competition was cutting prices in spite of higher costs. Salespeople were losing business all over the country. What options did they have to improve the business? They started by asking themselves two questions: First, what were they currently doing? Second, what had they not done in the past?

Five specific areas tend to stand out in examinations like this. Individually, each is a problem; collectively they can spell disaster for your business. Luckily, it isn’t impossible to eliminate these mistakes, as long as you have the discipline and desire. Here are the five fatal business mistakes you could be making:
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