October 22th, 2008

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Forever Sign
Patent Pending mounting systems allows the Forever-Sign^(TM) to easily and quickly attach to barb wire, electric fences, steel fencing stakes and chain link fences. Mounting holes and zip tie holes have been added to allow easy and quick attachment to almost any surface such as trees, gates, wood walls, cement marker posts and much more.

Not only is the Forever-Sign (TM) mounting system one of a kind, so is its construction. To ensure that its foundation is just as unique as its design we incorporated all of the best ideas into the base construction of the Forever-Sign^(TM).

* Made out of Polyethylene plastic to provide the up most protection to moisture, impact, temperature variation and weather ability.

* 2.25 mm thick injection molded construction allows for a semi-rigid sign yet flexible enough to wrap around trees or mount to uneven surfaces.

* Highly visible due to Blaze Orange construction color.

* The addition of UV stabilizers have been added to increase the longevity of color brilliance.

* Cutout graphic and lettering design eliminates fading of graphics over time.

* Sign Dimensions: 16 inches wide by 12 inches high

* Made in the USA

WholeSale "No Hunting or Trespassing" Signs: $3.95/ea + shipping

Contact: Matthew Ward
Email: mward@5dii.com


Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

New Regulations Affecting Catalogs and Websites from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission:
If you sell balloons, small balls or anything containing small parts that may be used by children, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is promulgating new standards and regulations in response to Federal legislation passed this August. These regulations will affect your website and all printed materials (including catalogs) and require you to provide specific types of notices and warnings substantially different from current regulations. Significant penalties may apply for failure to conform.

These warnings cover all products containing materials and small parts that could pose suffocation or chocking hazard for children aged between aged 3 to 8 years old. They apply to all businesses who provide a direct means for purchase or ordering of covered products (web, catalog, toll free phone number, etc.). Summary details on this new regulation are available www.cpsc.gov/about/cpsia/105brief.html.

These deadlines are rapidly approaching but in the usual Washington fashion, final regulations are not yet available. (The CPSC is working rapidly to issue these but the CPSC was not given much lead-time by Congress.)
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Consent Marketing: Paving the Way for E-Delivery
How Passive Consumers have become Proactive “Prosumers”

The explosion of digital content and devices have created a change in how consumers respond to the media around them. The Silent Generation (b. 1919-45, and over 60 in 2008), the Baby Boomers (b. 1946-1964, and in their 50s in 2008), and the early Generation X’ers (b. 1965-1978, and in their 30s and 40s in 2008) all grew up in the era of mass media. But from 1990 onward, “mass” gave way to “interactive” as digital tools and bandwidth has turned Generation Y into producers of digital content rather than merely avid consumers.

As a result, consumers became “prosumers” – proactive, producer-consumers who must be engaged with media that is not one-way, and not merely interactive … but immersive. The prosumer communicates and gathers information digitally, through the Internet, e-mail, text messaging, social networking sites, etc. The good news is that paperless investor disclosure with XBRL-powered “layered disclosure” fits the persona of the prosumer.
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Database marketing doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming.

DMA Database Marketing E-Learning Seminar

Leverage the power of your database right from your desktop! The Database Marketing e-Learning Seminar features the same powerful information presented in our popular in-person seminar. This highly interactive e-Learning seminar feature quizzes, audio clips, and useful resources and links. Enjoy the benefits of learning this valuable material at your own pace - when it’s most convenient for you!

To register, or for more information, visit www.dmadatabaseonline.org.
Please mention Key Code: NMOA1 when registering.

How to Inspire Employees through Recognition
As Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's knew, there is no better way to inspire a team than with recognition. From the chairman of the board to the receptionist, we all have a deep-down craving for recognition. Build your company's culture on the foundation of rewarding and recognizing hard workers and you'll create a fertile work environment where resiliency, high standards, high retention, loyalty, innovation, positive risk taking, and high morale are all present.

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 65 percent of Americans haven't received recognition in the past year. A United States Department of Labor study found that the number one reason why people leave organizations is that they don't feel appreciated. As American psychologist Abraham Maslow stated in A Theory of Motivation, people thrive on recognition as a form of self-value when they feel that their contributions make a difference.
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