October 15th, 2008

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The SHOULDERDOLLY is a revolutionary system for moving heavy and bulky objects by using leverage. The SHOULDERDOLLY is a two person moving system that allows lifters to maintain an upright posture while moving any object. By using the webbed harness over your shoulder muscles, and lifting with your legs, the mover will significantly decrease strain and risk of injury to the lower back, hands, biceps and forearms.

Use the SHOULDERDOLLY to move:
• Mattresses
• Couches
• Dressers
• Washers / Dryers
• Dishwashers
• Refrigerators
• Large Electronics
• Furnaces / HVAC
• Landscaping Items
• Construction Material

• Patented technology - Makes lifting easier!
• One size fits all
• Less Risk of Injuries
• Stand upright when going up/down stairs
• No more damage to walls & floors
• Strong & durable
• Adjusts easily to furniture size
• Increses efficiency
• Less Back Strain
• Ergonomic Design.
• Uses the strongest muscles in your body – Legs!
• Reduces Hand, Back and Arm Strain

Resellers of all types wanted.
Nielsen Products, LLC
1518 Cambridge Dr.
Longmont, CO 80503
Phone 800-217-1114
Fax 888-308-9317


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Seeing Black, instead of Red during the Holidays: A Lesson in Website Localization
Many North American businesses acknowledge the holiday spirit with various Website images and statements, in an attempt to warm the hearts of existing customers, and perhaps gain new ones worldwide. However, in today’s global marketplace, it’s vitally important to understand a target audience and culture lest you inadvertently alienate or even offend the very people you are trying to court. Not everyone celebrates Christmas or if they do, they may not celebrate it in the way we do in the United States and Canada.

For example, many Australians celebrate Christmas, but the traditional images of snow, people ice skating, and warm furry coats are completely out of place. December 25th falls smack in the middle of summer there and people actually head to the beach instead of the fireplace. In fact, some say Santa comes in on a surf board in Australia and is accompanied by eight kangaroos.

You can see why a Website designer certainly wouldn’t want to use reindeer, images of snow, or children in mittens when trying to appeal to the folks down under.

Despite popular belief, Santa isn’t always donning the red coat and Rudolph isn’t always heading up his transportation. So, it’s important to understand the image of Santa in each country in order to connect with readers. Click here to read the full article.

The Power of Cult Branding: In Search of Your Best Customer
Some called them brave – others, crazy. The American motorcycle manufacturer born in a Milwaukee shed in 1903 drifted out of greatness in 1965. Japanese motorcycle makers began churning out less expensive, superior quality bikes. Worse yet, unreliable engines were plaguing this great American legacy – the curse of any manufacturer.

Led by CEO Vaughn Beals on February 26, 1981, thirteen brave Harley-Davidson Motor Company executives decided to buyback their failing business in an $81.5-million leveraged buyout. Now, these thirteen strong had no choice: turnaround the company or let it die.

The Merchant Mindset
Most businesses focus primarily on generating the next transaction. Customer loyalty is perceived as unattainable to merchants who figure, “We might as well try to squeeze one more sale out of them.” But if you’re battling for the next transaction, over time, you're destined to lose. Customers who choose you based on price will leave you for the same reason. Click here to read the full story.


Immediately improve your advertising's effectiveness...with help from one of America's best-known experts.

It’s the how-to guide combining the very best insights from Jerry Fisher's columns in Entrepreneur Magazine with fresh advice on how you can make certain you’re creating effective advertising.

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Let Go to Grow!
Business owners need to get a huge return on their time. Every year, your company sells, creates, performs, builds, produces, or manufactures products or services. So, you don’t have extra time to waste sweating all the small stuff. But you need great people who do! When entrepreneurs start their companies, they take care of everything themselves including hiring, supervising, purchasing, marketing, selling, pricing, managing, paying bills, and doing the work. You name it, if it has to be done, they do it! Often until the wee hours of the night.

Can’t find any good help?
To allow their companies to grow, many small business owners hire the best people they can find: their family and friends! Not the best idea, as it’s hard to build professional companies with inexperienced people who don’t respect their bosses. As they continue to gain more customers, more people are added to the staff. With more employees, they soon learn how hard it is to find anyone who’ll do work exactly the way they want it done. Nobody seems to care, be accountable or accept responsibility - except the boss. Click here to read the full article.
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