September 10, 2008

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Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ are a unique way to help ensure if a child is lost they will be found. If a child gets lost or injured it can be a stressful situation for the child. Although memorized, a phone number may not be easy for a child to remember when lost. Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ help a child remember important phone numbers because they simply know to look for the tattoo.

Parents now have a way to feel secure when their child is in any crowded place or not under their direct care (theme parks, school field trips, shopping malls, sporting events etc.). Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ greatly reduce the amount of time that a child will be separated from a parent or guardian, in the event they are lost. Although other identification products are useful (ID bracelets, labels or wristbands) they can be removed and, therefore, are not as effective.

We also offer other child safety products that help specifically with children with Autism or who are nonverbal, in addition to peanut, gluten and generic allergies tattoos. We also offer temporary tattoos for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease, BodyNotes and Field Trips.

Seeking resellers of all types!
Contact: Cindi Aldrich,
T: 800-357-1521

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Use Creative to Maximize Your Message
The creative process is what excites us. It is also where we have the most opinions, where our biases quickly surface. Don't begin the "Creative" step of my Eight-Point Market Action Plan until you complete the five previous steps: Make sure you have first determined your objectives, set a timetable, established a budget, targeted your audience; and defined your offer.

The purpose of creative is to maximize the impact of your message in order to increase the action from your marketplace. Maximize the impact increase the action. Always remember that "dull" is a four-letter word. "Interesting" is what your creative must be interesting to people because people, not companies, make buying decisions. Click here for the full article.

Avoid Product Recalls and Defective Returns
With These Five Tactics

Earlier this year, China faced a major public relations disaster in my home country of the United States. The reason: You couldn’t turn on an American TV without hearing about some new scare, recall or ban of Chinese products. From toys to televisions, suddenly every product American companies imported from China seemed to be a defective nightmare waiting to happen.

What a difference an Olympics can make. Today, when Americans think of China, they think of gold medals and Michael Phelps. But the lessons of those scares should not be lost. They taught us that nothing can destroy a company faster than a major defective return or product recall. Thankfully, there are a few commonsense tactics you can employ to avoid having your company become a scary headline.
Click here to read the five tactics.


If yes, you could be in big demand, earning big money, writing just a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to be. Learn the secrets of this little-known, lucrative business. And you Don’t Need to Be a “Writer” to Be Successful.

This educational information is available from American Writers & Artists Inc., a highly regarded company in the direct response industry and recommended by the NMOA.
Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

The Five Limiting Beliefs that Hinder Your Success…and How to Overcome Them
How many times have you gotten into a tough situation and done something “dumb”? Perhaps you even said to yourself, “Boy…I’ll never do that again.” But then the next time you were in a similar situation, you did the same “dumb” thing again. That’s a limiting belief.

Or how many times have you heard yourself say (to yourself or others), “I’m not good with money,” “I’ll never get the job I want,” “No one will ever want to be in a long-term relationship with me,” “I always screw things up,” or any sort of negative message? Those are limiting beliefs.
Click here to read the five limiting beliefs.
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