September 3rd, 2008

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New Product

Germ Resistant Sports Towel

The G-Towel is a new germ resistant sports towel. This towel is designed to protect the athlete against germs and bacteria commonly found at the gym, sauna, gym and school locker rooms. The G-Towel features two distinctive sides.

The front of the towel features a soft terry material and the back of the towel features a protective, non-slip, antimicrobial backing to keep the towel stationary when used on exercise equipment. The “G” Towel has velcro closures to allow the towel to wrap horizontally and hang vertically.

Product Benefits:
·- Two distinct sides that allows the athlete to always know which side of the towel to place against exercise equipment
- Soft and absorbent towel provides comfort during a strenuous workout, and more.

Resellers and Distributors Wanted.

Contact: Terry Morris, Ayleet Enterprise, Inc., , 631-253-0432,

Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

31-derfully Simple Ways To Make Your Ads Generate More Inquiries
A client recently phoned with a problem I’d encountered many times before.

“Our new ad campaign’s main goal is to create awareness and build image, not generate sales leads,” the ad manager explained. “But my management still tends to judge ads by counting the number of inquiries they bring in. Is there some way I can increase my ad’s pulling power without destroying the basic campaign concept?”

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

There are proven techniques you can use to increase any ads pulling power, whether your main goal is inquiries or image. Here are 31 techniques that can work for you:
Click here to read the 31 techniques.

Turn Suspects into Advocates
In order to be successful with either a business or consumer lead generation program, you must:

a: Think like your suspect (a suspect is somebody who, on paper, meets your criteria of a potential customer).

b: Plan your program with your suspect in mind.

c: Organize your lead generation program with the media tools that are most likely to be effective with your suspect audience. (i.e., see it like your suspect will see it!)

Above, I defined a suspect. Now let's define the rest of the lead generation process.
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16th Annual 'State of the Catalog Industry' 62% of Respondents Use Catalogs as Primary Sales Channel
“Most of our respondents continue to use catalogs as their dominant or secondary channel of marketing and sales,” said Anna Chernis, senior research manager. “And our data suggests a consensus among successful marketers that there are consistent and integrated standards across all channels, as virtually all use some form of Internet marketing to supplement their catalog channel.”

DMA’s report contains four chapters on the following topics: Profile of Respondents and Industry Overview; Multichannel Marketing Practices; Sales Results and Strategies; and Circulation Statistics. It is also broken down by three segmentations: expertise (survey participants rated their own level of expertise in multichannel practices — beginner, intermediate, or expert); revenue size of the company (three revenue subgroups were created — small companies up to $10 million; medium $11 to $250 million; large $251 million or more); and type of market (three primary market break outs — businesses, consumers, or both equally).
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The Top 10 Secrets to Mastering Your Personal Brand
What do Sir Richard Branson, Barack Obama and Suze Orman all have in common? They have each built powerful personal brands that have propelled them to the top of their businesses, their careers, and their lives.

How did they do it?

Like other successful personal branders, they took the time to define, communicate, and protect their brands. You can be sure they followed all of the top 10 secrets below to reach their great success. There’s no magic to it: You can apply the same personal branding principles to your work and life not only to achieve your goals, but to surpass them.
Click here to read the ten secrets.
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