August 6th, 2008

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Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

E-mail vs. Direct Mail
A controversy is brewing within the marketing community. Depending on who you talk to or which articles you read, people have strong opinions on what is more effective—direct mail or e-mail.

There are valid points to be made on both sides of the argument. Some in the marketing industry think direct mail is dead due to rising postage costs and the assumption that Americans today rarely read direct mail. Other marketing professionals disagree saying it is e-mail marketing that cannot survive due to spam filters, impatient consumers and inept email marketing practices.

With the evolution of internet marketing and advanced, personalized landing pages, an increased number of marketers are beginning to reallocate advertising dollars in favor of sending more marketing messages via e-mail. This is aided by the perception that e-mail marketing is less expensive and more relative to today’s lifestyles.

The reality is that a successful campaign encompasses...
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Contact me…Please!
Periodically, I get together with a couple of good friends I knew from high school and go into a recording studio across from the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ (near the famed Jersey shore) to play songs that were relevant in our teens and then hang back afterwards to watch the engineer work his mixing and mastering magic behind the console. Now, the console features an elaborate equalizer that is used to control, individually, a number of different frequency bands in the recording system, which is used to fine-tune the sound (not altogether different from what you’d find in a home stereo system).

The foregoing reminds me a lot of what Contact Optimization can do for the marketer. That is, to make the best decisions regarding what eligible customers get access to your campaigns through the measurement, arrangement and rearrangement of various promotional, product and individual inputs—getting closer to that fabled market of one.
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Direct Marketing Digest
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Direct Marketing Digest can help you be more successful in your business! Direct Marketing Digest is a larger than average Newsletter that provides you the small business owner and entrepreneur with practical business building information in the areas of advertising, direct marketing and publicity. We strive to give you practical instruction that can be put to use immediately to grow your business.

We work to present this information in easy to understand language that does not require a PhD to figure out.

The corner stone of each issue of Direct Marketing Digest is an exclusive in-depth interview with the founder of a successful direct marketing related company. These interviews are titled, “Direct Marketing Success Stories.”

Hear it right from the horse’s mouth!
In each success story interview we ask the company founder over 30 success revealing questions! To get the full details, Click here!

Two-Gether Marketing ... with Attitude
"It's amazing how much my parents learned between my 16th and 21st birthdays."

A quote from Mark Twain. You undoubtedly get the message. We learn more than we know we learn from others. This is part of what I've learned.

Marketing, Direct Marketing and Sales are disciplines that require team work. My phrase for it is "Two-Gether Marketing".

As we must work "Two-Gether". You and me, marketing and sales, outside and inside, the client and supplier.

Here is a list of 16 ideas the Ray Jutkins marketing team follows in working with businesses around the world. Select the ideas that work for you, adopt them or adapt them...and use them as your own.
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