July 9, 2008

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New Product

Germ Resistant Sports Towel

The G-Towel is a new germ resistant sports towel. This towel is designed to protect the athlete against germs and bacteria commonly found at the gym, sauna, gym and school locker rooms. The G-Towel features two distinctive sides.

The front of the towel features a soft terry material and the back of the towel features a protective, non-slip, antimicrobial backing to keep the towel stationary when used on exercise equipment. The “G” Towel has velcro closures to allow the towel to wrap horizontally and hang vertically.

Product Benefits:
· Two distinct sides that allows the athlete to always know which side of the towel to place against exercise equipment

Product Features:
· Soft and absorbent towel provides comfort during a strenuous workout
· Antimicrobial backing guards against germs and bacteria found on exercise equipment
· Velcro closures enables towel to wrap horizontally and vertically on exercise equipment
· Non-slip backing keeps towel from sliding off the exercise machines

The G-Towel is machine washable and is approx. 16" x 26"

Resellers and Distributors Wanted.

Contact: Terry Morris, Ayleet Enterprise, Inc., tmorris@ayleet.com , 631-253-0432, www.ayleet.com


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Direct Marketing --Truth in Numbers
Direct Marketing is now a dominate discipline in marketing and selling. Why? Because it works! It carries a message, answers questions and gets orders.

And it works because it is personal. Direct Response Marketing works because it is "conversation in writing". It works because, no matter what you have heard, read or believe... most people look forward to personal communication. They like being treated as a person - as an individual.

So, if Direct Response Marketing is so powerful, how can we as marketers use it effectively? To keep the business we have...to find new business?

As with most disciplines, the "Truths of Direct Marketing" are common sense. Here is a list of a few "Truths", to make your Direct Response Marketing work for you;

60 - 30 - 10
A full 60% of your Direct Marketing success is making certain your message gets to the person who can buy what you have to sell. It's very easy for the wrong person to say "no".

An offer will be 30% of your Direct Marketing success.
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Overcome these Four Barriers of Change
What is the opposite of growth? Some would say it is “status quo,” but that’s not true. The opposite of growth is death: Whether in your personal life or work life, if you’re not growing you’re dying.

The business organism must grow to survive. Even if we could miraculously hold everything steady – costs, margins, productivity – our value proposition immediately degenerates due to the unyielding forces in a competitive marketplace.

What is the miracle that stimulates growth? It’s called change. Change is the sharp stick that moves us out of our comfort zones, and forces us, as George Lucas would say, “to do dangerous and scary things.” Change creates opportunity for growth. But why do we resist change so much? Why is it that when change happens oftentimes our first reaction is to dig in our heels?

Some people don’t react this way…
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We work to present this information in easy to understand language that does not require a PhD to figure out.

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Setting Objectives
According to R.C. Cunningham, executive vice president of AFG Industries, "Every company has the opportunity to minimize head-on competition and maximize sales and profit potential by hitting 'em where they ain't.

"The key to finding where they ain't is a well defined strategic plan which ... evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your company compared with the competition.

"This information ... becomes the road map that tells you where you are today, lets you see where you want to go tomorrow and how to get there. It's really knowing your market, and your competition, that makes the difference in selling a commodity product, a high-tech product, or a multi-million dollar piece of equipment successfully."

A company needs objectives. Focus and direction come from setting them. And from objectives come accomplishments.

Objectives provide...
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