March, 2008

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New Product Opportunity

Peel and Stick Décor
Removable stenciling for every part of the home.
Brand new décor product line for the United States.

Peel and stick décor that looks like stenciling…but much better. It’s quicker, easier, and can easily be removed and placed somewhere else.

This new décor line covers every part of the home. Create beautiful warm living rooms, lively kitchens, and spiced up bathrooms. Perfect for people that love hobby and crafts.

The broad based assortment gives you possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. Details so exacting, you would swear it’s real stenciling, or etching. This peel and stick line is the decorating rage in Europe. Be one of the first in the USA to offer it. Truly a ground floor product opportunity.

Easy terms, small quantities. Visit our website to see it all, and
It’s well worth it. Retail racking available. For samples, and sample packages, contact Giuseppe Botta at:
Tel: 02 9880899
Fax: 02 98289098

Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

4 Address Management Rules to Help Reduce UAA Mail...
and maybe save a tree or two.

Whether you use your customer database for direct marketing, transactional mailings or provide mailing services for your clients, the latest postal increases—effective May 12, 2008—will have an impact on your bottom line.

When you add the postal increase to skyrocketing energy prices and an uncertain economic outlook for 2008, there is no better time than the present to make some simple changes that will provide immediate ROI. By implementing these four address management rules, you’ll be able to save money, reduce costs, help the environment, and improve response rates. Click here to read the 4 Rules.

Asian Americans Good for Advertisers
According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, Asian Americans represented $253 billion in spending power in 2001, and this number is projected to reach $528 billion by 2009. While Hispanics make up the largest minority in the U.S., there are 13.5 million Asian Americans (residents who say they are Asian or Asian in combination with one or more other races) according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau findings. This group comprises 5% of the total U.S. population. There is also a sizeable proportion of Asian Americans who are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Rather than an afterthought, Asian Americans should be of special interest to marketers. Click here to read the full article.


Start or build your business today!
If you are planning, or just starting, a new business, or want a professional introduction to direct marketing processes and how they apply to selling products and services in general, read on.

Education and information are the most important factors to success in any direct marketing endeavor. We cannot guarantee success but we can guarantee that you can save thousands of dollars and maybe years of time by getting off to an educated start.

Starting any direct marketing or small business without the proper know-how and contacts can be disastrous. It’s hard enough when you know what you’re doing. Information and education are paramount.

Direct marketing is the marketing method of the future. The Internet, one of the greatest direct marketing mediums of all time, is growing by leaps and bounds and opening up worldwide markets for all. Direct mail and catalogs are being mailed at an all-time high; infomercials and DRTV commercials are gaining widespread acceptance. Soon the Internet and TV will be connected to bring a new super direct marketing medium.

Get in on the fantastic opportunities direct marketing has to offer now…and in the future…start by ordering the NMOA Entrepreneur and New Business Package today.
Click here for details and ordering info.

Managing Visibility
Natural self-promoters, like Donald Trump and Martha Stewart, instinctively exploit opportunities to make themselves visible. For most of us, however, visibility management triggers an emotional struggle between our desire to make our competence visible, and our reticence to appear too forward or immodest. Yet in today’s hotly competitive sales environment, it’s not enough to be good at what you do, earning what you’re worth takes more. You have to practice “visibility management,” letting people know who you are and what you do well. Managing visibility is an integral component of modern career management.

The conflict most people experience when they try to stand up, step out and make their contributions visible...Click here to read the full article.
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