March 14, 2008

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New Product

Booty Shapers --
'Shape that Booty!'

'Booty Shapers' are chic inflatable boot supports that allow women's most beloved boots to be stored without ugly creasing and bending occurring in the leather.

'Booty Shapers' come in a range of fashionable prints and sizes, thereby effectively marrying functionality and style
to create a must have accessory for every boot lover.

For wholesale enquiries please contact: 
or 415-774-6689.

Booty Shapers -- as seen on 'The Big Idea' with Donny Deutsch!

Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?

If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.

This 4-in-1 directory has been hand compiled over the years to put all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.

100+ Marketing Ideas

Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs. The following represents a comprehensive list of marketing ideas; use it to help better understand customer needs and ways to satisfy those needs.
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How to Tell if Your Site Needs Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever done a search for your own business and been overwhelmed at how low you appear in results? There are ways to fix that!

Making your small business accessible to the major search engines is an essential part of your online marketing plan, and a successful search engine optimization strategy can increase traffic significantly. High search engine rankings are an easy way to market your business to people who are looking for the keywords and topics that you present on your website. Search engine optimization for small business websites requires some strategy, but lets your business stand apart from the competition and increases web traffic.

Search engine optimization for small business websites requires...
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Drive Web Sales Up 15% or More. Guaranteed!
Are you working hard to get visitors to your site? Maybe you need to be working harder on converting your current visitors into customers! You can do it with live online customer service.

Our software is engineered to convert more browsers to buyers than any other live chat system on the market. We are so confident we are offering an industry-shattering, 60-day money back guarantee!

Instant Setup, It's Easy to Use
AliveChat is fully hosted on our servers, so all you have to do is add HTML and Javascript code to your web pages, and log in from our web site. Nothing to download, servers to configure, or bandwidth to waste. Start chatting with your visitors in less than 10 minutes!
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Many nonprofit professionals think that because few major gifts are made online, that major donors are not active online?

That thinking might be costing nonprofits billions in donations.
When it comes to online engagement, the wired wealthy are coming to nonprofit Web sites and what they see will influence their giving decisions. A first of its kind national survey conducted by Convio, Sea Change Strategies and Edge Research showed that the wired wealthy are very generous givers, giving an average of $11,0001 each year to various causes, that they are online an average of 18 hours a week, and that eight-in-ten have made donations online.

While the wired wealthy are active in their online philanthropic efforts, their modest expectations and demands for nonprofit Web sites are often met, but rarely exceeded and most often the communication from the nonprofit is uninspiring. The study does indeed suggest an...
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