April 30, 2008

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Colm O'Dwyer
High Response Copywriter – Makes you more customers, makes you more profit and puts more cash in your pocket…

…If you're really serious about making your next project as profitable as possible, then this super talented young direct response copywriting stud can generate some serious sales for you.

Big name marketers and successful business owners already use him for their:

►Sales Letters
(web and offline)
► Squeeze Pages
► E-mail Auto-responder Sequences
► Copy Critiques
►And More!

Hurry and you too can get in on the action. Visit http://www.colmodwyer.com today and find out more.
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Transforming Ordinary Products Into Extraordinary Brands
With One Great Line by Steve Cone, author of Powerlines: Words That Sell Brands, Grip Fans, and Sometimes Change History

According to many advertising historians, the period from 1950s through the 80s was the Golden Age of advertising. By that reckoning, the work that has come out of the ad industry from 1990 through today might be considered the Leaden Age of the business.

How far we have fallen is apparent in our inability to create advertising and promotional campaigns that resonate with the consumer and have a hold on...Finish the article by clicking here.

Half of U.S. Businesses Are Home-Based, Majority of Firms Self-Financed, Census Bureau Reports
Editors Note: I found this while researching another market demographic. It's a few years old, but interesting non the less, and it still represents the latest data from the United States Census Bureau.

Almost half (49 percent) of the nation’s businesses are operated from home, and more than 6-in-10 owners used their own money to start the business, according to new U.S. Census Bureau...
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Wholesale Color Printing and Mailing
If you want super low cost color pricing on Postcards, Flyers, Scratch off Cards, Posters, Catalogs, Pocket Folders, Door Hangers, and other printing options you may need...you really need to check this company out and click here to compare pricing to what you're paying now.

April Industry E-Newsletter: From the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA)
Dear Members and Friends:
ACMA continues important work with the USPS: Last month, we had another “top-to-top” meeting with the USPS. We met with PMG Jack Potter and other top USPS executives who control our future with the mail: CMO Anita Bizzoto, VP Pricing Steve Kearney, VP Legislative Affairs Marie Therese Dominguez, and others including his chief of staff. Due to a time limit on our meeting, I asked Monica Smith, CEO of Marketsmith to join me. Monica’s firm works at a deep level with a variety of catalog companies. She has intimate knowledge of these companies’ financial performance and operating priorities. Monica has personally reviewed over 200 cataloger P&Ls and her company works with catalogers who sell less than $5 million to over $50 billion each year.
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