April 2, 2008

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The Prayer-Gram, Prayer-Card, Grateful-Gram and Grateful-Card are multilingual (9 languages) spiritual cards to show someone you're thinking of them, care about them, and are thankful for them. These cards offer great high profit sales opportunities for retailers, catalogers, corporations, churches, and others.

Each card has a spiritual bible message inside. The backs can be personalized with your company and larger orders can be fully customized to your company or brand. Cards come with envelopes.

Contact: Albert Earl Wade
Telephone 1-253-228-0878 for details and pricing. Hours are 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
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The Batch & Blast Conundrum
There is a well-known inverse relationship between the number of people mailed a specific offer and the ratio of people that will actually respond and purchase. That is because there is natural gradient of interest as not all people are interested in the same product and seldom at the same time and same price point. The relationship indicates that the more people sent an email, the larger the number of buyers, but, the lower...Read the full article by clicking here:


How to Demonstrate Leadership in Today’s Business Environment 
As a leader, you provide and maintain momentum within your company. While guiding your employees during recent times was easy, today you may find that the momentum is moving in the wrong direction. So the question is: “How does your company adjust and move forward to greater success?” In today’s market, increasing profitability is the issue for every company. Whether you are introducing ancillary businesses for additional revenue streams or redistributing marketing dollars from print to the Internet, having the...Read the full article by clicking here:


The DMA 2007 Response Rate Trends Report provides you with essential data to benchmark your marketing campaigns and will help you develop comprehensive, results-oriented campaigns, improve your overall marketing performance, and increase your sales, leads, traffic, and fundraising.
Compare response rate benchmarks specific to your campaign with:
- 6 media applications
- 4 different campaign objectives
- Over 30 products and service categories
- Conversion rate
- Lead generation
Find out how your campaign response stacks up for six media applications, including: Direct Mail; Catalog; Inserts; Newspaper & Magazine Space Advertising; Telephone (outbound); Email
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Direct Marketing Up
Despite some recession concerns, direct marketers are expecting growth in the coming quarter, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Quarterly Business Review (QBR) for the fourth quarter of 2007. According to DMA’s latest QBR report, Q4 survey results indicate growth for the greater direct marketing community, with revenue vs. SQLY reaching 55, and strong profitability at 65. However, Q4 2007’s revenue vs. SQLY represents the first time in five years that the fourth quarter ended lower than the Q1, Q2, and Q3 results.
To read all highlights of the report, click here:
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