April 16th, 2008

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Each year, 300 people die in 1.5 million car-deer collisions which cost motorists and insurance companies over 1 billion dollars (insurance industry-funded report, Nov 04, 2003). The estimated cost of repair after a deer collision: $2400. An investment of under $25.00 can help reduce your chances of being involved in a deer collision !

The Deer-Alert® consists of a pair of two inch long, bullet shaped devices which can be easily mounted on the front bumper of a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle). As the vehicle reaches a speed above 30 mph, air rushing through the cylinder emits an ultrasonic signal (between 16,000 and 20,000 Hertz), up to a quarter mile away (the length of 4 football fields), literally stopping animals in their tracks. The sound emitted by the SAV-A-LIFE Deer-Alert® cannot be detected by passengers in the vehicle and not perceptible to people on the roadside.
Toll free: (800) 654-3337
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Made In China…
Without Leaks, Knockoffs or Back-Door Shipments

Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Products Safe By Bill Quarless
The December 2004 BusinessWeek cover served as a wakeup call for all U.S. companies. Headline: “The China Price.” Storyline: U.S. manufacturers are being forced to cut their prices 30-50 percent in order to compete with the Chinese. In some cases, Chinese manufacturers are so cost-effective American manufacturers can only compete if they cut prices below their cost of materials. Message for U.S. companies: Move your manufacturing overseas or face a serious competitive disadvantage.
I remember the day that story hit newsstands, and the buzz it created. As an American owner of a Hong Kong-based manufacturing firm, I was suddenly...Read the full article here:

More Myths About Multicultural Customers
Over one-third of all Americans today are minorities plus there are over a million people from overseas immigrating every year. The numbers of people from diverse cultures are growing so rapidly that the U.S. Census Bureau expects this group to be nearly half of the population by 2050. This is a huge market for retailers and service providers all across the country – if you know how to meet the unique needs of customers and clients from other cultures...Read the full article here:


Creating Successful Small Business Advertising by Jerry Fisher
Immediately improve your advertising's effectiveness with help from one of America's best-known experts. In Jerry's book (with lots of pictures and examples,) you will learn this and much, much more…
* The most important word in advertising and 10 ways to use it effectively (see page 16)
* Seven ways to give your headlines the impact that says “read me!” (see page 12)
* How to pick the visual elements that will guarantee your advertising gets noticed (see page 76)
* How to make simple, small ads work as well as--or better than--bigger, more noticeable ads (see page 60)
* When and how you can effectively use fear to attract attention and get customers (see page 52)
* The five best ways to use testimonials and endorsements to convince prospects to buy (see page 32)
* How to write a memorable slogan for your company and how to avoid bad ones (see page 66, 99)
* How to use the powerful lever of emotion to reach people where they “live” (see page 64)
* Six ways to use anecdotes from your own personal life to create a powerful-pulling ad (see page 56)
* How to create an unforgettable name for your business or for a new product (see page 88)
* 10 ways to improve your sales letter, and how to write a perfect one from scratch (see page 120)
* Eight ways to use an educational “How to” ad to sell prospects on your product or service (see page 71)
* My absolute favorite references for stimulating creative thinking when I develop ads (see page 39)
* How to use the “catfish” of direct mail to draw a lot of responses for only a little money (see page 108)
* How to revise your Yellow Pages ad to make it pull up to three times more customers (see page 124)
* Seven ways to create a direct-response ad that can have awesome pulling power (see page112).
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The Upside to the Downturn: Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Business During Economic Tough Times By David Giannetto
The financial news of the past few weeks has left many a business owner panicked, anxious, and mentally writing their company’s obituary. Chin up, You can actually use the economic downturn to create a better organization. If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that some of your recent workdays have gone something like this: You bolt awake (probably after a sleepless night!), grab the financial section of the paper, and turn on your TV to get the latest worrisome financial news. Then, once you make it to work, you lock yourself in your office to carefully examine your company’s financial projections for the next few months, wringing your hands as you fret over every possible worst case scenario. Sound familiar? If so...Read the full article here:
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