March 19, 2008

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Carry grocery bags and multiple items with ease & comfort using a soft handle that clips to your key ring so it's always with you. It's the Perfect Pocket Tool!
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Great for Grocery Shopping, Mall Shopping, Specialty Stores and Heavy Dry Cleaning. Save multiple trips back to your car.
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Seeking Resellers and Retailers of all kinds.
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Contact Information:
Totemate (Marvin Blaine) 
6303 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, California
Phone: 310-828-2925
Are you looking for a large collection of Wholesale Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Liquidation and Closeout Specialists?
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If so, make sure you look into the NMOA Professional Wholesale Resource Guide.
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This 4-in-1 directory puts all types of wholesale resources at your fingertips.
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Web 2.0, a six week plan you need to start right now.
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One tactic guaranteed to increase your web sales 15%

Use Your Advertising Dollars to Reach the Male Demographic
Back in the old days of advertising, all a marketer needed to do was decide whether the company wanted to reach men or women with their advertising message, and then create and place an appropriate ad on the right TV or radio station and in a certain section of the local newspaper. Because so few marketing mediums existed, advertising was easy, at least by todayís standards.
These days, marketing is a bit more complex. New technologies and increased options for how people spend their leisure time make reaching your target market a bit harder. On top of that, you need to do more than simply decide whether you want to reach men or women. You also need to.... Finish the article by clicking here.

Alan Rosenspanís Improve Your Response Newsletter: March
I just came back from the Educational Travel Conference In Baltimore, which was one of the most stimulating ones Iíve attended in years.
Hundreds of companies participated, that sell tours to every place you could possibly imagine - from Antarctica to Botswana to Tibet. And I thought Ė what an amazing world we live in.
In 24 hours or less, you can leave your modern office building and be in a hut or canoe just about anyplace on the globe. I did a couple of presentations, participated in a panel, and came back with some information Iíd like to share with you.
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1. 10 Sins of Travel Writing
2. People Donít Like Marketing
3. Two Love Letters
4. Vouching for Vouchers
5. Andi Emerson
6. Peephole Marketing
7. Response is a by-Product
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The Directory of Major Mailers.
Whether youíre a supplier of direct mail services looking for clients or a direct mail marketer looking for promotional ideas, the Directory of Major Mailers and What They Mail can provide you with the information you need to get your job done.
Here are examples of what you would discover by using this unique reference:
- You would know whom to speak with when you call a client, so you donít waste a precious moment of your selling time.
- You would know who uses the services or products you sell, before you pick up the phone.
- You would know how much mailing a company does to see if itís a good prospect for your services.
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Over one-third of all Americans today are minorities plus there are over a million people from overseas immigrating every year. The numbers of people from diverse cultures are growing so rapidly that the U.S. Census Bureau expects this group to be nearly half of the population by 2050. This is a huge market for retailers and service providers all across the country Ė if you know how to meet the unique needs of customers and clients from other cultures. Read the rest of the story, click here:
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