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Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 1862, marks the Mexican armyís victory over the French invaders at the Battle of Puebla. In the United States, the celebration of this victory has come to be known simply as ďCinco de Mayo.Ē Along with Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 16, Cinco de Mayo has become a time to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture.

25.9 million
Number of U.S. residents of Mexican origin in 2004. These residents constituted 9 percent of the nationís total population.

16.6 million
Number of people of Mexican origin who reside either in California (10.1 million) or Texas
(6.5 million). People of Mexican origin make up nearly one-third of the residents of these two states.

15.7 million
Number of people of Mexican descent born in the United States.

10.3 million
Number of foreign-born residents from Mexico. About 3-in-10 foreign-born people are from Mexico.

Median age of people of Mexican descent. This compares with 36.2 years for the population as a whole.

Number of Mexican-Americans who are military veterans.

1.1 million
Number of people of Mexican descent age 25 or higher with a bachelorís degree or more.

Percentage of households with a householder of Mexican origin consisting of a married-couple family with children. For all households, the corresponding percentage is 22 percent.

Average number of people in families with a householder of Mexican origin. This compares to an average of 3.2 people in all families.

Percentage of people of Mexican heritage who work in managerial, professional or related occupations.

$35,185 and 23.6%
Median household income and poverty rate in 2004, respectively, for those of Mexican heritage.

Percentage of people of Mexican origin in the labor force.

Percentage of householders of Mexican origin who own the home in which they live.

Source for statements in this section: American FactFinder. Figures do not include people living in group quarters.

Trade With Mexico
$290.2 billion
The value of goods traded between the United States and Mexico in 2005. Mexico is our nationís second-leading trading partner, after Canada. < >

Number of firms owned by people of Mexican descent in 2002. Among these firms, 275,055 were in California and 234,732 in Texas.

$96.5 billion
Sales and receipts for firms owned by people of Mexican origin in 2002.

Source for statements in this section:
< >

Mexican Food
$100.4 million
Value of product shipments by the nationís manufacturers of Mexican food specialties in 2002.
< >
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