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India, China and Russia Experience Highest Audience Growth Rates Year-over-Year; Canada, Israel, and Korea Log the Most Time Online

London, U.K., March 6, 2007 comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today announced that 747 million people, age 15+, used the Internet worldwide in January 2007, a 10-percent increase versus January 2006. Among the top 15 countries (ranked by penetration), Internet audiences in India, the Russian Federation and China increased the most in 2006, growing 33, 21 and 20 percent, respectively. China now represents the second-largest Internet population in the world, with 86.8 million users, after the U.S., which rose 2 percent year-over-year to 153.4 million users age 15 or older in January 2007.

“The importance of the worldwide Internet population continues to grow,” said Bob Ivins, managing director, comScore Europe. “Internet users outside the U.S. now account for 80 percent of the world’s online population, with rapidly developing countries experiencing double-digit growth rates year-over-year.”

Canada, Israel, and South Korea Lead the World in Online Engagement
As a measure of engagement, comScore also analyzed the top 10 countries ranked by average hours online per visitor for January 2007. Canada led the list, with the average user spending 39.6 hours ( and 41.3 hours/ month among broadband users) online during the month. Rounding out the top 5 were Israel, South Korea, the U.S. and the U.K. – all countries with high broadband penetration. In fact, in each of the top 10 countries, the time spent online by users with a broadband connection was substantially greater than the time spent by users with a narrowband connection.

“We have all believed that ‘always-on’ broadband connections stimulate usage – this study empirically confirms that conclusion,” Ivins commented.
Top 15 Countries by Internet Penetration
Unique Visitors Age 15+*
January 2007 vs. January 2006
Total Worldwide -- All Locations
                                   Jan-06    Jan-07    Percentage

                                     (000)     (000)      Change

                                    -------   -------   ----------

Worldwide                           676,878   746,934      10%    

United States                       150,897   153,447       2%    

China                                72,408    86,757      20%    

Japan                                51,450    53,670       4%    

Germany                              31,209    32,192       3%    

United Kingdom                       29,773    30,072       1%    

South Korea                          24,297    26,350       8%    

France                               23,712    24,560       4%

India                                15,867    21,107      33%    

Canada                               18,332    20,392      11%    

Italy                                15,987    18,106      13%    

Brazil                               12,845    14,964      16%    

Spain                                12,206    12,710       4%    

Russian Federation                   10,471    12,707      21%    

Netherlands                          10,772    11,077       3%    

Mexico                                8,624    10,149      18%  

*  Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes

   and access from mobile phones or PDAs


Top 10 Countries by Average Monthly Hours Online per Unique Visitor

Broadband vs. Narrowband

Among Visitors Age 15+*

January 2007 

Total Worldwide -- All Locations

Source: comScore World Metrix


                                     Average Monthly Hours Online


                   Unique Visitor       Among All   Among Broadband   Among Narrowband

                        Rank             Users         Users              Users

                   --------------       --------    ---------------   ----------------

Canada                    9               39.6           41.3              14.2       

Israel                   28               37.4           38.8              10.9       

South Korea               6               34.0           36.1              N/A**      

United States             1               31.6           37.2              13.5       

United Kingdom            5               31.2           35.6               7.5       

Chile                    20               30.9           38.6              12.6       

Brazil                   11               30.2           38.5              17.0       

Finland                  30               28.7           34.2              N/A**      

Spain                    12               27.9           33.4               9.1       

Sweden                   21               27.5           31.4               9.7     

*  Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes

   and access from mobile phones or PDAs

** Level of narrowband penetration extremely low, therefore an accurate

   reportable estimate is not available. ___________________________________________________________

Top Global Properties
omScore also reported the top worldwide Web properties for January, ranked by unique visitors. Microsoft Sites topped the list with 510.3 million worldwide visitors, followed by Google Sites with 502.5 million worldwide visitors, and Yahoo! Sites with 467.8 million worldwide visitors.

Top 15 Online Properties Worldwide, Among Visitors Age 15+*

January 2007

Total Worldwide -- All Locations

Source: comScore World Metrix 


                                    Unique Visitors



Worldwide Total                         746,934   

Microsoft Sites                         510,320

Google Sites                            502,464

Yahoo! Sites                            467,832

Time Warner Network                     262,413

eBay                                    248,854

Wikipedia Sites                         189,003

Amazon Sites                            149,817

Fox Interactive Media                   139,821

CNET Networks                           118,717

Apple Computer, Inc.                    116,520

Ask Network                             108,870

Adobe Sites                             101,810

Lycos, Inc.                              90,208

Viacom Digital                           76,389

New York Times Digital                   72,180

*  Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes

   and access from mobile phones or PDAs ___________________________________________________________

Companies interested in obtaining information about comScore World Metrix services should call +44 (0) 207 099 1761.

About comScore World Metrix
comScore World Metrix is the first service to continuously measure and report online behaviour on a world-wide basis, providing visitation metrics and demographic characteristics for Web site audiences around the world. With active representation of countries that comprise the vast majority of the global Internet population, World Metrix provides its clients with worldwide Internet population estimates and harmonized online performance metrics based on a consistent methodology across all countries. More than 100 clients subscribe to comScore’s World Metrix service, including 8 of the top 10 interactive advertising agencies.

About comScore Networks
comScore Networks is a global leader in measuring the digital age. This capability is based on a massive, global cross-section of more than 2 million consumers who have given comScore permission to confidentially capture their browsing and transaction behaviour, including online and offline purchasing. comScore panellists also participate in survey research that captures and integrates their attitudes and intentions. Through its proprietary technology, comScore measures what matters across a broad spectrum of behaviour and attitudes. comScore consultants apply this deep knowledge of customers and competitors to help clients design powerful marketing strategies and tactics that deliver superior ROI. comScore services are used by global leaders such as AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Verizon, Best Buy, The Newspaper Association of America, Tribune Interactive, ESPN, Fox Sports, Nestlé, MBNA, Universal McCann, the United States Postal Service, Merck and Expedia. For more information, please visit .


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