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New Direct Mail CD-ROM Attracts Qwest, Other Leading Brand Names; $averCD(TM) to Launch in Greater Portland Area in October

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 20, 2005--$averCD is what's new in the world of consumer direct-mail advertising. The $averCD ad-vantage paradigm has quickly attracted many leading companies including Qwest, Nationwide, Trendwest,, Rite Aid, Quiznos Sub, Outback Steakhouse, Subway, Allstate, Car Toys, IHOP, ShoeMill, The Rose Quarter and the Oregon Ballet Theatre, topping out a list of more than 150 new clients. Consumers will experience the value and convenience of $averCD starting this October, when the $averCD CD-ROM hits consumer mailboxes in the Portland/Vancouver market.

$averCD is a unique (pat. pend.) CD-ROM discount directory that is direct-mailed quarterly, free to consumer households. $averCD contains advertiser-sponsored discount/gift certificates and coupons that are conveniently printable from the CD by the consumer as needed. $averCD also contains flashy cutting-edge multimedia ads, many free games, software and other consumer oriented content like recipes and gardening tips. These features, along with the software to manage all of the cataloged and indexed contents and offers, give $averCD the highest "industry open rate" of any direct-mail piece.

Recently an important shift in consumer behavior has been observed. Consumers now spend more time viewing and obtaining information from their computers than from TV, print or radio. Consumers have largely rejected Internet advertising, pop-ups and spam, and most consumers are unwilling to spend the time and energy to manage printed direct-mail advertiser offers and coupons, which is why most of these coupons and offers end up in the recycle bin.

"We're excited about this new way to reach our customers with our latest product promotions and discounts," said Judy Peppler, Qwest president for Oregon. "This new CD-ROM approach to direct advertising is an innovation and will definitely benefit companies like Qwest."

"It gives us a great deal of confidence that we're onto something when national companies like Qwest and many others see $averCD as a preferred way to reach their consumers," said William Simpson, president of $averCD, LLC.

Market environments are changing rapidly and $averCD is poised to ride the wave of next-generation marketing. By properly leveraging the new technologies that have been largely adapted by consumers, $averCD lets consumers take advantage of discount offerings in a manner that is unobtrusive, fun and easy to use.

About $averCD

Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, $averCD, LLC is the leading Consumer-Direct, business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising company using incentive-based interactive multimedia advertising coupled with consumer-printable discount/gift certificates and coupons/offers. $averCD uniquely positions advertisers' offerings, which are presented to consumers from a free, easy-to-use CD-ROM that is distributed quarterly by U.S. Mail.

Founder William E. Simpson II developed and pioneered the paradigm of incentive advertising using CD-ROM coupon books and targeted multimedia advertising and marketing. Today, $averCD is leading the way in this unique and effective advertising method and continues to define the paradigm with its advertising and marketing products and solutions.

Unique in the industry, the $averCD discount directory contains consumer printable advertiser sponsored discount/gift certificates. In addition to interactive multimedia content, products and services from brand name national and local companies are included. The disc contains many free games, software, and other consumer-oriented content. This mix of valuable content combines to give $averCD the highest "industry open rate" of any direct mail piece.

Because of the many assets included on $averCD, some of which may be used daily, and its relatively long shelf life, $averCD is used frequently in households and provides many opportunities for consumers to explore various brand opportunities, increasing the number of brand impressions and driving sales.

$averCD also allows consumers that do have an Internet connection to link directly to an advertiser's Web site from the CD-ROM simply by clicking a button, thus eliminating the need for consumers to memorize hundreds of complex URLs. This feature allows advertisers additional opportunities to provide real-time offers to consumers who opt-in and visit their Web sites from the $averCD platform, even after the $averCD has been in use in households for many weeks, and up to 90 days after its arrival in the U.S. Mail.

Unfortunately for some advertisers, many online coupon business paradigms disintermediate consumers from advertisers by providing advertiser coupons through third-party coupon Web sites, and in doing so, these Web sites gain -- and then broker -- consumer information as part of their revenue models. This situation benefits neither advertisers nor consumers.

$averCD believes in putting consumers and advertisers together in relationship marketing as opposed to being a data broker like some online coupon portals.

By allowing consumers to quickly and repeatedly access advertiser incentive offers over the 90-day period that $averCD is valid -- at a time that is convenient to them -- $averCD is an unobtrusive way for advertisers to economically reach potential customers. The $averCD is programmed to stop working after the 90-day valid-period ends, at which time a display will advise the consumer to look in the U.S. Mail for the next quarter $averCD for more valuable offers and content.

Additionally, the use of $averCD helps conserve natural resources. With every household in America receiving the equivalent of a truckload of direct-mail advertising over the course of a year, the environmental impact can be significantly reduced by having a large portion of those paper ads condensed onto the four recycled-plastic CD-ROMs that $averCD ships annually to each household.

To learn more about this emerging advertising revolution, visit or call $averCD, LLC at 503-675-6500.

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