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Why You Can’t Ignore the Power of Direct Response Ads to

Dramatically Boost Sales


When it comes to advertising, every company faces the same issue, is the money being spent on advertising truly boosting the bottom line? Sadly, for many companies the answer is a resounding ‘no.’ In many cases that’s because they haven’t found the right type of advertising for their product and their target audience. That’s why it pays to explore new options and tap into the power of a Direct Response Radio Infomercial or a sixty second TV spot.


Industry insiders will tell you that radio infomercials are the ultimate secret weapon in today’s marketing environment. If you’ve ever listened to talk radio, you’ve undoubtedly heard radio infomercials. You just might not have realized it at the time. That’s because the format is exactly like any other radio talk show! The careful scripting is what makes these clever spots so powerful; they strike just the right chord with listeners and turn them into buyers.


The reality is if you want effective advertising you’d be a fool to ignore the power of talk radio. Media research proves that talk radio is the most dynamic medium and its listeners are the most mature, educated, attentive, active and affluent of all the mediums. For Direct Response advertising, radio and TV are hands-down the best vehicles to promote your product or service.


The benefits of talk radio aside, television reaches a whopping 98% of the homes in the U.S. which means Direct Response advertising is absolutely essential for the promotion and sales of your products. In fact, Direct Response TV ads generated $256 billion in sales last year! In blunt terms, a TV ad with an effective "call to action" will have your phones ringing off the hook and convert your advertising dollars into instant revenue.


Here’s why Direct Response Advertising is the most affordable way to maximize your ad dollars:


v Sales are immediate. Effective 60-second TV Spots or Radio Infomercials are carefully scripted with a sense of urgency, leading viewers and listeners to take action immediately to order your product.


v It’s cost effective. Air time is not as expensive as you think. A half hour of radio time can be purchased for $150 to $350. TV can be even cheaper on popular, national cable networks like E!, CNN, Oxygen, ESPN, TBS, Lifetime, USA Network, etc. allowing you to reach 78% of all households nationwide for a fraction of what you’d pay for advertising on the major networks.


v You can reach your target audience directly. Ads on Radio and TV are the perfect choice because their special interest programming appeals to a very specific target audience, such as women, sports fans, business people, music fanatics and “foodies.”


Before you think it all sounds too good to be true, here’s the caveat: you need a qualified team to produce your ads. Make sure the firm you hire has an experienced production team that knows how to craft your message, pitch your product and produce your ads. If your message is off or the spots don’t look professional, you’ve missed the opportunity to connect with your target audience. So don’t let anyone kid you, Direct Response ads require a certain set of skills to produce.


Another important factor--not every product is a good fit for Direct Response ads. Bob Francis, the Vice President of Commercial Production for Event Management Services, Inc. is a pioneer in the world of direct response. He’s the creative master behind the wildly successful 8-Minute Abs campaign. His expertise lies in not only writing, producing and directing Direct Response ads- but also in evaluating what products are viable candidates for this type of marketing strategy.


“Some firms will tell you that any product will work,” says Francis. “However, with more than 20 years experience in this field I firmly believe there’s a definite formula for success that takes into consideration your mark-up, your price point, the mass appeal of your product and your entire offer. And that means some products simply aren’t a good fit for direct response.”


Francis has written scripts for everything ranging from hour-long infomercials to 60 second spots. He knows instinctively which products are best suited to the format for a successful Direct Response ad. We’ve all seen infomercials that we can’t pull ourselves away from; they’re practically hypnotic and have us reaching for the phone to place an order. That’s because the producer created a perfect marriage between the product and the script. And that’s the type of relationship Francis has become known for when he’s producing an ad.


“I only recommend Radio Infomercials or TV ads if your product meets all the points of the proven formula for success,” says Francis. “After all, a successful campaign for the client is a successful campaign for me too. Nobody wants a flop. At the end of the day, our job is to produce carefully scripted radio infomercials and TV spots and then buy media time that’s best suited for reaching your targeted consumers. That’s how we transform a passive audience into motivated buyers.”


So it pays to do your research and find a firm that will build an ad campaign that’s tailored specifically for your product and your budget. After all, it’s the combination of a powerfully scripted ad and effective media placement that will get you the most bang for your buck. And that’s what you were looking for all along, right?


About Bob Francis


Bob Francis is one of the pioneers in the direct response advertising industry. Bob began his career in 1983 as the producer of the hour long infomercials for the Lowry Group and National Super Star, two Real Estate seminar companies. Bob's biggest and most notable TV commercial hit was "8 MINUTE ABS" which he wrote, produced and directed and which sold over twenty million dollars in the first eighteen months it aired. It is still being sold on the internet today.


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