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With Dick Benson's 31 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail....
YOU could double your response rates...or more!

If you haven't read Dick Benson's book; "Secret's of Successful Direct Mail"
you're really missing out on some important instruction for making money using
direct mail.

Among the wealth of knowledge you are missing, are these 31 secrets.

1. A two-time buyer is twice as likely to buy as a one-time buyer.

2. The same product sold at different prices will result in the same net
income per thousand mailed.

3. Sweepstakes will improve results by 50% or more.

4. A credit or bill-me offer will improve results by 50% or more.

5. Tokens or stickers always improve results.

6. Memberships renew better than plain subscriptions by 10% or more.

7. "Department store" pricing always pays except for membership offers.

8. You can never sell two things at once.

9. Self-mailers almost never work.

10. The more believable a special offer, the more likely its success.

11. The addition of installment payments for an item over $15 will increase
results by 15%.

12. Dollar for dollar, premiums are better incentives than cash discounts.

13. Adding elements to a mailing package, even though obviously adding cost,
is more likely to pay out than cheapening the package.

14. For magazines a "soft" offer ("Try a complimentary copy at our risk") is
better than a hard offer (cash or "bill me").

15. A Yes-No option will increase orders.

16. "FREE" is a magic word.

17. Two premiums are frequently better than one.

18. Long copy is better than short copy.

19. Personalized letters work better to house lists (those who have bought or
subscribed before) than to "cold" lists.

20. Brochures and letters should stand alone and each of them should contain
all the information.

21. Direct mail should be scrupulously honest.

22. Subscriptions sold at half-price for at least eight months will convert
at renewal time just as strongly as subscriptions sold for a full year at
full price.

23. Lists are the most important ingredient to the success of a promotional

24. The offer is the second most important ingredient of direct mail.

25. Letters should look and feel like letters.

26. An exclusive reduced price to a house list will more than pay its way.

27. To predict final results from a promotion, you can assume you will always
receive as many more orders as you've received in the past week.

28. A follow-up mailing dropped two weeks after the first mailing will pull
50% of the original response.

29. An incentive to pay cash when you offer both cash and credit options
reduces net response.

30. Test-mailing packages are best when they come from independent creative

31. Offers of subscriptions using two terms (i.e., 8 months, 16 months) will
pull more money ... but 10% fewer orders.

Dick Benson spent nearly 50 years of his life helping direct marketers large
and small achieve extraordinary results.

You can put his years of experience to work for you by reading his book.
In seventeen fun reading chapters, you will get valuable lessons that only years
of experience...and a whole lot of money can provide.

You will learn things like:

* The magic of a $2 offer ... for New Republic, Benson offered a 3-month
trial subscription priced at only $2, because "we wanted to go for cash and
$2 was the largest amount of money that the public would send in cash." After
13 months, circulation had increased 190%.

* The "value-added" premium ... the Culinary Society offered a "kitchen
computer" which was actually nothing more than a slide guide for converting
weights and measures. But the promotion brought in 125,000 new members.

* The importance of price points ... a simple price test Benson insisted on
doing for Shell sold 250,000 circular saws in a single mailing.

You'll also discover: selection guidelines for to accurately
predict lifetime customer value of continuity buyers...the "seasonality"
myth...making sweepstakes work...and more.

When a direct marketing genius like Dick Benson writes a book revealing all
his secrets, you are getting literally millions of dollars of battle-tested
principles ... for less than the price of dinner for two in a good restaurant.

Clients routinely paid Dick Benson up to $5,000 a day to consult with them
on improving their direct response revenues. And (rare in this business) he was
right far more often than he was wrong.

Dick passed away in 1996, but thankfully, Secrets of Successful Direct Mail has
just been re-issued in a new hardcover edition by Boardroom that you can purchase
directly from the NMOA - for LESS than Dick charged for just 5 minutes of his time!

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