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One of the best ways to get exposure for yourself, your product, or your company, is using press releases to announce news about you, your company or your product. Using press releases in the right places also gets you into the Google search system with targeted key words, and adds coveted links to your web site. And as everyone already knows, the more key-word specific links to your site - the better.

Most experts agree that you should do at least one press release for your company each month.

If you have news about you, your product, or your company, you can post your press release, with active links, pictures, tables, video's and more on this news site:

Your News Headline will also appear on the NMOA home page with a link!

And you don't have to be a full NMOA member to use this service. You can use this service for a simple maintenance fee of just $10.00 per press release posted. DM Newswire has full link-back functionality, with the ability to include images, videos, or tables, and your release will remain on the site indefinitely, so your back-links continue to strengthen your search engine ranking. Plus, your release gets spidered by Google on this site.


Anyone that deals with press releases and on-line marketing efforts, understands what a great value this service is for your business.

To post your press release, make your payment by clicking here and return to and click on "contribute" under one of the current posts and then fill out the form. We will then approve you to make your post, you will get a confirmation email when you are approved. In the future, you only need to make your payment, and you can post your release immediately.

Remember to follow standard press release layout. Do not post duplicate or inappropriate press releases.


Special Limited Offer: If you purchase 4 press release submissions at one time before January 31, 2009 (use them anytime you want) we will include a years subscription to Direct Marketing Digest at no cost. A $99.00 value.

News Note: If you would like to be receiving direct marketing news as it happens, via an RSS feed, here is the URL to use: