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Here are 5 tested techniques to help you write stronger e-mail subject lines.
by Bob Bly

These are not rocket science, anyone can use them, and - they work:

1-Put a number in the subject line.

Numbers work. Why? Because when the recipient sees "7 ways to do X," she wants to know what the 7 ways are - and she opens your e-mail to find out.

Subject: The 22 habits of financially successful writers

2-Be mysterious.

Arouse curiosity. Hint at what you are offering, but withhold revelation of the answer. The recipient has to click on the e-mail to find out exactly what you are talking about.

Subject: The easiest product to sell online

An e-mail with the above subject line generated 392 orders for an e-book. Had we actually named the easiest product to sell online, I do not think it would have pulled as much.

3-Make a big promise.

A big, bold promise can get the recipient's attention. Putting a question mark after the promise can help address the reader's inherent skepticism.

Subject: Get paid $22,500 to write a letter?

4-Ask a question.

Do question subject lines work? Yes. Here's one that generated good sales for an audio program I publish on how to become a published book author.

Subject: Is there a book inside you?

5-Offer to reveal some secrets.

"Secrets" is a powerful word in a headline, and "lost secrets" are even more intriguing.

Subject: 3 "lost secrets" of a winning USP

Also, putting quotation marks around text in a headline or subject line increases readership.


Bob Bly

P.S. You can find dozens of successful subject lines like these along with the full text of the e-mails ... the sales results generated by each ... and an analysis of the copywriting techniques used in my "Million-Dollar E-Mail Marketing Swipe File."

It's a collection of more than 60 e-mail marketing messages sent to my list. Combined, these e-mails have generated online revenues in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars - so you know that these are not theoretical examples, but real-world marketing pieces that actually made money!

For more information ... or to use my "E-Mail Marketing Swipe File" risk-free for 90 days ... just click here now:

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