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5 great copy phrases from Bob Bly

Here's a collection of neat little phrases that can, in just a few words, add punch and power to your copy:

1. "Once difficult, now easy."

A pithy phrase for communicating the idea that your product can simplify the prospect's life; works well in headlines.

Original: "Managing UNIX Data Centers."

Better: "Managing UNIX Data Centers - Once Difficult, Now Easy."

2. "This year."

The sense of urgency in your copy can be made stronger by adding a time element, and "this year" is an easy way to do it.

Original: "How to Cut Heating Costs in Your Building up to 50%."

Better: "How to Cut Heating Costs in Your Building up to 50%
This Year."

3. "As crazy as that sounds."

This phrase prevents prospects from rejecting your claims by acknowledging the reader's skepticism.

Original: "This $1 Stock Could Go to $50 a Share."

Better: "This $1 Stock Could Go to $50 a Share - as Crazy as That Sounds."

4. "After that, it's too late."

Use this neat little phrase to emphasize the finality of a

Original: "This offer expires 5/15/08."

Better: "This offer expires 5/15/08. After that, it's too late."

5. "If you will let me."

This phrase makes the writer sound generous and courteous, asking the reader's permission to provide a solution to his problem.

Wrong: "I want to show you how to look and feel 10 years younger."

Correct: "I want to show you how to look and feel 10 years younger. If you will let me."


Bob Bly

P.S. All of the above copywriting tips are "borrowed" from some of today's top copywriters - Jeffrey Lant, David Yale, James DeGeorgia.

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