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Window Protector Bird Deflector
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  Picture window protection from birds
Window Protection from Birds
Sliding Glass Door Protection from Birds
Introducing the No Mess Window Protector Bird Deflector.

The No Mess Window Protector Bird Deflector is the only easy to install no mess solution out there.

Alternatives like film on your windows will void your windows warranty! If you put stickers on your windows you have to stare at them every time you look out your window. With this product you see flowing Ribbon in the breeze, you hardly notice them at all.

They come in 7 different colors Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Silver and in Peach. The Deluxe sliding door ones come in only peach as to be mono-chromatic they are (3) 3/4" 6 FT. long 100 % water-proof poly ribbon the window model comes with (3) 3/4" 3 FT. long 100 % water-proof poly ribbon. Both come with (3) mini suction cups and (3) 3/4" fender washers.

The Deluxe kit comes with (3) 8 X 3/4 Drywall Screws / Phillips / Bugle Head / Self-Drilling Pt / Steel / Black .To mount the ribbon above sliding door or window if screen door or sliding windows interfere with suction cups.

Please help me Help the Birds.. Thanks.. Raymond

Seeking  Both resellers and distributors

WaterHead Designs
Raymond Broten (Owner)
(760) 617.5285 (cell)
(760) 529.4695 (home)

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