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Wedge® Downspout and Gutter Screen
Self-cleaning Rain Gutter and Downspout Filter

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  Downspout and Gutter filter
Downspout filters used together for inline gutters
Introducing the Wedge® Downspout and Gutter Screen

The Wedge is the only "self-cleaning" rain gutter filter in the industry and the most effective way to keep rain gutter downspouts clear of leaves and debris. This product keeps your downspouts clear!

The Wedge's revolutionary new patented "flow thru" design allows water to flow thru top, bottom, both sides and back, increasing drainage by 2000% over conventional rain gutter drain filters! The top sloped grid prevents messy clogging by forcing leaves and debris to float up and away from the drain spout opening, thus allowing more water to flow thru unhindered. It works GREAT!

The Wedge is easy to assemble and installs without tools. Its tough durable plastic construction and UV protectant guarantees years of maintenance free service in all kinds of inclimate weather conditions.

Use 2 Wedges combined for inline gutter usage

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