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Travel Billow
The Best Travel Companion

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  Travel Billow for Air Travel and more
Travel Billow Components
Travel Billow
Introducing the Travel Billow

It's a Blanket... It's a Pillow...It's the Travel Billow

Your cozy and comfortable Travel Billow is unlike any other travel product! It is two favorite items compact into one easy to carry companion.

The Best Travel Companion!

Remove the 50" x 66" fleece blanket from the neck pillowcase and you have your own warm and sanitary cover. The foot pockets at the bottom of the blanket will keep your feet cozy while holding the blanket in place.

The neck pillow is a soft and clean support system making those long trips less stressful; use the neck pillow with the blanket rolled inside or remove the blanket and opt for the built-in inflatable bladder.

When you are done, just roll up the blanket and zip it back into the pillowcase... it’s easy!
• Perfect for:
• Airplanes
• Cars / Trains
• Airport Layovers! / Hotels / Hospitals
• Camping / Backpacking / RV's
• Diabetes / Elderly / Military
• Relaxing at Home / Reading / Watching TV
• A barrier between you & less sanitary elements
• Save money on airline fees

Use the Travel Billow as a neck pillow, a fleece blanket or both. The Travel Billow attaches to your luggage for easy travel. It's clean, it's non-allergenic, and - most important - it's yours. Don't pay for poor quality and overpriced products on the airplane. The blanket covers your whole body with comfy foot pockets at the base. The pillow offers great support and a soft feel. Kids love the Travel Billow.

Available in unique colors and prints, call or email for wholesale pricing and custom orders.

When emailing please use the email below and provide full name and contact details. Thank you.

Contact: Jason Moore
Phone 800-516-0045
Email: highmarkinc@earnware.net
Website: www.travelbillow.com

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