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Trash Bag Cinch
Holds Trash Bags in Place and Freshens the Air
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EVERY household and office trash receptacle needs The Cinch!

No more bag cave-ins

Works with all trash cans & bags

Stop Trash Bag Cave-Ins and Freshen the Air

The Trash Bag Cinch™ is a dual-purpose patented product designed to make dealing with your garbage a much more pleasant experience. It does so by keeping trash can liners secured to the rim of any can, avoiding the all-too-common mess that occurs when liners refuse to stay in place and "cave-in" the container. They also freshen the air around the trash can by neutralizing the odors associated with garbage with a natural lemon fragrance.

Biodegradable Replaceable Air Freshening Discs
You can feel good knowing that replaceable discs have been formulated utilizing Bio-Batch, a biodegradable additive process which allows the product to be consumed in the environment, turning the plastic into biomass as well as biogas.

Commercial Use
Blister Packs – Our Blister packs contain a single Cinch. Blister packs are a great way to show potential customers and decision makers the value and cost savings Cinches can provide.

Small Business Packs - Perfect for restaurants, franchises, small offices and stores. Our Small Business Packs were designed for the millions of facilities that have 25 or fewer containers. Small Business Packs come in convenient poly bags containing 25 Cinches.

50 Pack Boxes – Our 50 pack boxes are great for mid-sized to large facilities. Packed in reshippable cartons, they are convenient for redistribution or for use in a single facility. The 50 pack is also available in convenient master cartons containing 4 – 50 pack boxes (200 Cinches)

Bulk Packs – Our bulk packs were designed to meet the needs of larger facilities. In an effort to reduce packaging, we eliminated all inner boxes, and packed 1000 Cinches in one convenient box with a poly liner. The resulting reduction in packaging materials and time also adds up to savings we pass on to you. It pays to go green!

To receive more details on this line and wholesale pricing information, place an order, set up an account, or ask questions, please contact Cindy Schulte via email at cindy@nmoa.org Please include your full name, company name, and phone number.

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