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Tag Along Teddy
Backpack with the Removable Plush Doll

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Introducing: Tag Along Teddy
The innovative backpack with the removable plush doll.

They’re cute, lovable, and cuddly, and immediately gains the interest of both children and adults alike.

Tag Along Teddy® was designed with the idea that backpacks should be fun as well as functional.

Plush dolls are fastened to the backpacks by three Velcro straps. A patent is currently pending for our unique product line.

Put an end to the typical parent - toddler disputes over bringing toys along because Tag Along Teddy® is appropriate to go everywhere.

Tag Along Teddy® backpacks come in two sizes, toddler and standard. Even teenagers like wearing Tag Along Teddy® backpacks.

Matching baseball caps and book covers are also available

Children love plush dolls. These toys have withstood the test of time and offer old fashioned entertainment.

Become a reseller of this great new product today. Low minimums, good margins.

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