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The Snail
Premium Designer Towel Holder

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  Premium Designer Towel Holder
Designer Towel Holder
Introducing: The Snail
The world’s most unique and dependable towel holder.

Tired of your towels always falling on the floor? If you’re like me, you’ve hung towels up, only to have to pick them up off the floor – or out of a dirty sink – again and again.

Well not anymore!!! With its patented design, designer good looks, and durable stainless steel construction, The Snail is about to change the way we hang towels. Your towels will never ever EVER fall down again. Its unique snail-shaped design doesn’t let that happen. Guaranteed. Goodbye dirty towels, goodbye irritation. Use The Snail in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, workshop, laundry room, RV, and boat – anywhere you hang towels.

When you give one away to friends and family, they always come back asking for more. It’s no wonder. Here are some of the things they love about it...

The Snail is:
Easy to install! Just peel, stick, press and you are ready to use. If you prefer, you can also screw The Snail into the wall.
Easy to use. Insert your towel into The Snail and pull it into place. Your towel is now secure. To release, simply pull down.
Functional. Its automatic spring grip holds your towels securely.
Space-saving. It installs in those hard to reach places (replaces bulky towel racks).
Attractive. With its stylish, patented curves made of brushed stainless steel, it will feel at home in any designer home.
Strong. The Snail holds up to 10 lbs.
Durable. Made from stainless steel, it will not rust or lose its shape and will last a lifetime.
Fun and Unique! The Snail is so cute, it makes you smile and who can’t use some smiles these days?
Practical and useful in every way, something you will use every day!

Can you afford not to distribute the towel holder that is destined to be the next household must have? High margins, low minimums and drop shipping available. For wholesale enquiries, please contact Al Cromer at alcromer@gmail.com. For more information, please visit www.thesnail.info

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