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Primary Product Category
Defense against shaving irritation
for individuals who shave:
  • A superior shave gel
  • TWO, post-shave soothers, traditional and non-alcohol versions
  • A uniquely portable roll-on for those bumps that 'pop out' of nowhere

For salons and spas
Your male and female clients demand comfort and a special feeling when they visit you. These products will set you apart from your competition.

For exporters/importers of cosmetics
These are great products that many have not found anywhere else.

Primarily geared toward the wholesale export market
With several overlapping products all battling for the same customers in the U.S., the desires for international customers have been overlooked in this key cosmetic area. Many products are either unavailable, insensitive to specific markets, or just plain expensive.

Potential importers, distributors or licensees in Africa, Asia, Europe or  South America will agree that this unique line of shaving-oriented products is the best in their category, if not the only products in their category.

But, of course, retail buyers are accepted!! If you see a product that you would like to purchase at retail, order from our website or contact us at our toll-free number and we'll locate an agent or distributor near you. If one isn't close by, then you can help us create one.

SmoovShave International
2890 Georgia Highway 212
Conyers, GA 30094
Toll free: 1-888-766-6801 (1-888-SMOOV01)
Toll free fax: 1-888-766-6801
International fax: 253-3234684
Email: admin@smoovshave.com

Web: www.smoovshave.com

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