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Screw Grab
Damaged Screw and Bolt Extractor

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  ScrewGrab Announcing ScrewGrab!

This amazing formula helps remove or tighten all types of screws and nuts that are damaged or rusted. A single dab of ScrewGrab creates a positive grip between metal surfaces that virtually eliminates tool slippage do to stripped out screw heads, worn sockets and box-end wrenches or rounded and deformed bolt heads.

No matter what type of metal they are made of.

This incredible product takes the place of an assortment of expensive old fashion screw and bolt extractors. You can even make the wrong size wrench work on a bolt, if you're stuck with a SAE bolt and a near size Metric. A drop of this product will let your wrench take hold like magic.

You will not believe how effective this product is until you try it. See Video Below!

Every homeowner, handyman or contractor should have a bottle with them at all times. Unlimited Shelf Life!

ScrewGrab is not a glue!!!  It's a secret formula that instantly forms a positive grip between metals, it is
non-toxic and environmentally safe, and wipes clean after use.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Available in bulk or blister carded with counter display. Private labeling is available.
Just A Few Of The Endless Number of Applications:
- Rounded or Deformed Bolt Heads
- Stripped Phillips Screw Heads
- Sloppy or Mis-matched Sockets
- Stops Bit from Turning in a Chuck,
- Removal of Headlight Frames, Moldings, etc.
- Apply to Driver Bit to Better Hold Dry-wall or Deck Screws without Slipping and Stripping

Seeking Resellers of all Types...Worldwide.

Current Countries already taken are:
- Australia
- New Zealand
- China

Contact Jeremiah James jjames@odorzway.com for more information.

Please include your full name and complete contact information.


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