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Royal Kare Toilet Seat
4-inch raised toilet seat

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  Raised Toilet Seat
Base of Raised Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat Demonstration
Royal Kare Toilet Seat
Revolutionizing Personal Care

Royal Kare has created a revolutionary new product that is the next evolution in toilet seats. The Raised & Easy Access Toilet Seat (REATS) is the very first product that allows users direct and convenient access to wipe their bottom. REATS promotes healthy living and also helps in preventing UTI's while maintaining a Good Posture.

REATS is a 4-inch raised toilet seat that sits independently on top of your existing toilet. Unlike any other product available in the market, our seat allows users convenient and direct access to their bottoms to make wiping easier without adding discomfort and pain by twisting, turning and trying to reach behind to wipe in a more traditional approach.

The Problem:
The problem with conventional toilets and raised toilet seats available in the market presently, require all users to conform to a standard technique of cleansing which is the twisting, shifting and balancing to reach their behind to wipe oneself. However, many individuals suffer from various physical and/or health conditions who are unable to wipe themselves in such a manner.
Such as:
-the Elderly
-Recovering Patients
-Pregnant Women
-Individuals suffering from Arthritis, etc.

The Solution:
Our Raised and Easy Access Toilet Seat makes maintaining personal hygiene easy and accessible.

-Fits Most Standard and Elongated Toilets
-Easy Install- No Tools Required
-Built-in Riser adds 4" Height
-Locks Securely
-450 lbs Capacity

-Direct & Easy Access
-Allows Front-to-Back Wiping
-Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's)
-Helps Eliminate Bad Odors
-Reduces the Likelihoof of a Fall
-Promotes Independence and Safeguards ones Dignity
-Easier to Maintain Personal Hygiene

We are currently seeking manufacturer reps, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, catalogs reps, etc. Visit us online at www.RoyalKare.com to learn more.

Contact Information:

Anish Khiroya | CEO Royal Kare

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