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Quickclick Belts
New Easy Sizing Belts for Men and Women

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  Quick click fashion belts
Quick Click Fashion Belt for Men
Quick Click Fashion Belt for Women
Introducing 'Quickclick Belts'
Unique new belt technology that truly allows one size to fit all.

I am a manufacturer's rep for a product line called the Quick Click Belts. The company has come up with a unique new design in belts that one size fits all. The belt currently can be fit for size 27"-51".

The belt simply comes apart on the side that connects into the buckle and can be cut down to fit the appropriate size of the individual. At this point, the belt then is locked back into the buckle side. The belt then has its own special locking mechanism to hook the belt in once it has been put on.

Instead of the traditional holes that wear out on the belt, this belt has tiny notches on the back side that hold the belt into place. These notches allow you to adjust the belt by the centimeter, so if you gain a little weight or lose a little weight, you can adjust the belt appropriately to whatever size you are and not dependent of the holes. The belt is simply released by pushing a small magnetized button and pulling the belt open very easily.

If you would like to see a demonstration video on how the product works, please go to http://www.quickclickbelts.com/quick-click-video. The company has several different designs and can private label to any specifications. The company is trying to expand out of the Travel Stop Centers into different markets where they have done very well. The company was the 2012 vendor of the year for Love's Travel Centers. The company is now expanding into HEB and Kroger.

The women's belt lines have several different designs from the bling line to the standard line. If you would like to see some of these designs, please go to http://www.quickclickbelts.com/ladies-bling-belts/.

Seeking retailers and distributors of all kinds. Please contact me with your full name and contact information on getting in on selling this great new line.

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