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Produce Freshies
 DOUBLES the life of your fruits, vegetables and fresh cut flowers.

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  Keep Fruit Fresh Longer

Keep vegtables fresh longer

Stop lettuce from aging

Fruit Stays Fresh Longer

PRODUCE FRESHIES DOUBLES the life of your fruits, vegetables and fresh cut flowers.

Americans throw out at least 25% of the produce we buy because it has gone bad! This averages out to $600.00 of food per year per family. Now you can stop the waste and save money too.

The Commercial Food Industry has been using this product for years.
Now we are making it available to the public!


* Saves you money - less waste!

* At least doubles the shelf life of your produce.

* Leaves you with crisper healthier food for longer.

* Inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria and odors.

* SAVE MONEY and stop wasting food.

* No messy bags or containers to wash.

* Environmentally Safe GREEN product

* Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Questions and Answers about Product Freshies!

1. What are Produce Freshies?
Small Sachets (packets) containing 9 grams of Potassium Permanganate treated Zeolite pellets, when placed in close proximity to a source of ethylene (produce) turning it into an inert substance (water vapor and CO2) and converting the Power Pellets to an organic fertilizer.

2. What is Ethylene Gas?
A common/natural ripening agent that occurs in nature; gas/plant hormone given off by fruits and vegetables causing them to ripen. When trapped in your refrigerator, it accumulates and causes your green leafy vegetables to wilt and turn brown or yellow. It causes fruits and melons to ripen and spoil prematurely. It causes the leaves of fresh cut flowers to turn brown and fall off and prevents buds from opening.

3. What is Potassium Permanganate?
A chemical that reacts to and oxidizes many common gases and pollutants including ethylene, sulfur, nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde by a process called Chemisorption.

4. What is Chemisorption?
The process of transferring a gas (ethylene) into an immobilized compound (water and CO2) and binding it through a chemical reaction to the surface of a media (Zeolite).

5. Are Freshies Safe and Environmentally Friendly?
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has allowed the material in our Produce Freshies to be used in certified organic production of food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rules. The American Lung Association also approves its use. Our paper and ink are also FDA approved.

6. What are Other Benefits?
Keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer and healthier because it inhibits the growth of molds, sour rot, brown rot fungi, air-born bacteria and absorbs odor.

SUGGESTED USE: Just drop Freshies Sachets in your vegetable bin, in your fruit bin and on any shelf in your fridge. Drop Freshies Sachets in your fruit bowl & cover with any breathable cover (paper towel OK) to isolate the ethylene gas (naturally occurring in the air) and extend the life of your produce even outside the refrigerator. Using several sachets works even better!

Drop Freshies Sachet in the foliage of your fresh cut flowers to inhibit ethylene gas from turning the leaves brown and petals from falling off. Date your Sachet with marker; start date of use or end date (3 months after start date). If the Sachet falls into the water, no harm...just turns the water purple.

STORAGE: Store your Freshies in any air tight bag (zipper type OK) or container when not in use and they will last up to 2 years. Each Freshies Sachet will last up to 3 months when in use.

Seeking retail product marketers of all types for this proven seller!
Minimum order just 48 units!

To get full details on this Amazing product contact John Schulte at  schulte@nmoa.org today! Please include your full name and complete contact information.

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