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The Window For your Fence


PetPeekTM, the window for your fence, is a durable, hard plastic dome 9.5" in diameter.

It is designed to be mounted in a wood or vinyl fence so that children and dogs within the fenced area can see out. The kit comes complete with a black, non-corrosive trim ring, all hardware, and easy-to-read, do-it-yourself installation instructions.

The PetPeekTM window can also be installed in dog houses and play houses, and can add a decorative, practical touch to landscape projects. PetPeekTM windows are fun for pets and children while being an attractive addition to your property. Just use your imagination!

PetPeekTM allows your dog to have a point of view in your fence where none existed before. A dog with a point of view is a happy dog!

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