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Paint Brush Protector
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  Paint Brush Protector Instructions
Paint Brush Protector
Introducing the Paint Brush Protector

Wet Storage: Put your paintbrush with excess paint removed from the paintbrush into a the PBP, pulling the handle upward toward the top PBP seating the brush firmly against the top, close, then put into fluid media i.e. paint, water, thinner etc.

You can leave in PBP in fluid media OVERNIGHT with out ruining the bristles. PBP can be cleaned with soap & water or thinner and left to air dry.

Dry storage: Whether your paintbrush is new or used, place paint brush in the PBP. Slide handle of paint brush to the top of PBP so the paintbrush sits firmly against the top of the handles for optimal storage.

Commercial Grade Quality Manufactured in USA with Recycled Materials

Resellers and Distributors Wanted

Contact John Schulte, schulte@nmoa.org right now to be connected with the official wholesale representative of this product.

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