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N-E Wear Towel
The Ultimate Stay-put Magnetic Clasp Towel

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Introducing the N-E Wear Towel.
The ultimate stay-put, on-the-go towel for sports, cleaning, golf, fishing and more!

N-E Wear towel is the only original towel that stays with you anywhere. It’s revolutionary magnetic anchoring system allows you to stick it to any metal surface or put the 2 corners together to create a loop…hook it on anything…anywhere.

The magnetic anchoring system is a grommet-less golf towel! Click to golf carts, bags, you can even pick up a metal putter with the magnetic corner – no more bending over!

At the gym. KEEP IT OFF THE FLOOR Click it to your treadmill or Stairmaster to stay dry easily. In a Zumba class...click it to your waistband, shirt tail or at your neck Wouldn’t it be great during a spinning class, when you can’t stop to pick up the towel off the floor...It stays with you!

Loop the towel on:
- stroller handles
- bait buckets
- cleaning caddies
- garage work table
- fence posts
- lawn mower or tractor
- beach chairs
- around the gym


Coated in non-abrasive fabric, you don’t need to worry about scratches, grommets, clips, or the always frustrating clean towel on the grimy floor.

N-E Wear Towel was awarded a patent for its original construction and design in 2011, and it’s been used by major corporations for promotional purposes since 2009.

Seeking resellers of all kinds.

Please contact Ashleigh Sottile ashleighsottile@yahoo.com for full details. Please include your full contact information and business. Thank you.

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