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The Mini Reminder Alarm
Never lose anything again with the Mini Reminder

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Mini Reminder on Purse or Briefcase
Be warned that your child is to far away with Mini Reminder
Never leave your keys, purse, wallet, cell phone or other valuables behind!

Watch this Mini Reminder video!

Do you, somehow, always manage to misplace, lose or leave behind everything, from an umbrella to your keys, purse or wallet? Or have you had your purse stolen in a store or restaurant? You're not alone. Before you lose another thing, try the Mini Reminder™.

This compact, two-piece transmitter/receiver system can be attached to cell phones, MP3 players, laptop computers, purses, briefcases and other valuables. When you become separated from your belongings by 10 or 25 feet (you set the range), Mini Reminder™ alerts you with vibrations and beeps.

It's a small price to pay for big dividends, including peace of mind. Use it to monitor pets and children, too. Receiver requires one AAA battery. Batteries Included!

The MINI REMINDER is simply amazing in that it prevents you from losing your valuables! Have you ever walked away from a cell phone, laptop or purse? Well NO MORE!

The Mini Reminder™ can be set to alert you with an audible alarm or vibration once you've gone farther than a distance that YOU pre-deterimine.

The Mini Reminder™ is a must-have for those people who dangerously leave keys in door locks! Sensitive information in attaches and bags! Even for ladies who walk away from their purses perhaps after sipping a little too much champagne!

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