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Locking Electrical Outlet Plug
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  Locking Power Plug

Introducing the Locking Outlet Plug

This device is an electrical plug adapter (2 or 3 prong adaptable) that permanently attaches to any corded appliance or electrical device that the consumer may want to use it on. Once applied to any electrical cord or electrical device it is permanently attached and ready for use. The male side of the plug has 2 prongs and a ground which allows it to plug into any standard wall outlet or power strip.

As the consumer plugs this adapter into the wall socket, the spring loaded lever retracts with pressure as it slides into the plug outlet slot. Then it pops back into position behind the face plate of the outlet, thus locking the plug to the outlet plate which prevents removal until the button is depressed. To remove the device from the wall outlet the consumer simply presses the release button which retracts the lever arm and locking details and then pulls the plug from the outlet.

There are many applicable uses for this device where consumers don't want appliances, tools and convenience items to become unplugged because of loose fits, someone kicks the cord or when the cord is inadvertently pulled on.

Some applications for the device would be to attach it permanently to the cords for a vacuum, refrigerator, freezer, TV, alarm clock, saw, hedge trimmer, string trimmers, corded power tools, computers, security devices, backup power supplies, garage door openers and much more.

Another common application is as a safety device so that children cannot remove power cords from AC power outlets.

No more spoiled food caused by your freezer coming unplugged or tools losing power while you are working on a roof or in the yard because your cord comes loose or completely unplugged.

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