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New product solves a big kitchen problem

Four pots going on the stove, ingredients spread along the kitchen counter, and big spoons and mixing ladles scattered around. A familiar scene whether youíre a gourmet chef or cooking a Sunday dinner for family. What happens when the lid comes off for mixing in new ingredients or just to check on the mealís progress? The lid can go anywhere, and the mixing spoons fare no better.

A solution is at hand, and it is the first effective solution Iíve seen or tried. The Lid Caddy is a convenient stand that holds lids and spatulas, and even ladles, collects all the drippings in a specially designed reservoir, and cleans up easily in the dishwasher. The Lid Caddyís unique design allows it to hold virtually any size or shape pot or pan lids and at the same time three or four spoons or ladles. A perfect solution for anyone who cooks. The product is available now for the first time to your catalog.

The Lid Caddy has not yet been offered to kitchen shops and this is an early opportunity to introduce the product to the market. The product is not only unique, but a practical solution to an age-old problem that can contribute significant revenue to a product line.

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