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Double Your Lifting Strength and Save Your Back

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  LeanLever shovel lifting tool
LeanLever tool for jackhammer
LeanLever took for demolition work
Lean Lever on shovel for moving heavy dirt
Lean Lever on snow shovel for moving heavy snow
LeanLever is a new award winning Leverage and Support Tool. It attaches to hand tools and like a child’s see-saw uses principles of leverage to magnify lifting power while reducing back pain, fatigue, and harmful vibrations. Highly versatile it is great for construction workers, independent baby boomers, DIY’ers, workers with back pain, emergency workers such as firemen, and gardeners.

By leaning or shifting weight, users can lift heavy loads or control and support heavy tools without back pain and fatigue. Larger leg and hip muscles are used instead of smaller arm and back muscles doubling lifting power and reducing body stresses. Heavy tools such as jackhammers are easily and repetitively lifted and precisely controlled without sore shoulders, arms, or backs. Potential for injury is reduced.

LeanLever assists in digging/moving soil, gravel, mulch, debris, rocks, shoveling heavy snow and ice or general landscaping. Also use it to raise/move heavy objects; leveraged pulling; and suspending loads. Its locking swivel mechanism makes lifting and dumping loads easy. Gain incredible leverage when using it with a scraper for removing tile or with a demolition bar for breaking concrete or hard ground.

Leanlever also attaches to heavy motorized tools for support and reduces hand and arm vibrations. It quickly attaches to handles or wherever the tool is grasped and drives vibrations into the ground while supporting the tool’s weight. Easily pull back and control a jackhammer after it penetrates a hundred times without tiring. Precision is improved with two hands guiding the tool point instead of carrying the tool’s weight. Use a jackhammer on a wall or angled surface with ease.

Made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, with an 8 ft durable strap, and weighs only 3 pounds. Individually boxed in double corrugated, dimensions: 36”X4”X4”.

LeanLever folds up, takes up virtually no storage space, is simple to use, and is easily set up and put away. LeanLever was tested and all claims confirmed by an independent laboratory.

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