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Kitty Lounge
Plastic Disposable Litter Trays
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  Kitty Lounge Cat Litter Tray
Kitty Lounge Eliminates Cleaning Litter Forever
Introducing Kitty Lounge


Inventor of "KITTY LOUNGE" Eliminates Cleaning Litter FOREVER!

Do you & your cat a favor... Get the healthiest, most sanitary tray ever devised.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU SPEND - NO MATTER HOW COMPLEX THE TRAY- NO MATTER HOW INGENIOUS THE CLEANING SYSTEMS - plastic trays become permeated with the strong concentration of ammonia on the moisture deposited by your kitty.

This doesn't have to happen to you! Eliminate your problems...Just Toss Soiled Top Tray and a Clean, New Tray is Underneath. It's that simple & sanitary.

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