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Multipurpose Personal and Home Alarm

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  Instalert warning alarm Introducing INSTALERT personal alarm.
No wires or current needed to activate this pocket-sized mobile alert. It runs on lithium batteries, which last for years. The black polymer jacket doubles over the inner device and the tongue is placed between the metal clip and batteries.

The lock is cut in upper portion of jacket & flips back with thumb to put in activation mode. Hold the jacket closed while inserting it in or under any object. When the object is removed or opened, jacket springs open & emits a beep-beep siren that can be heard 70 ft.

Disguise it in rim of briefcase, suitcase, safe, jewelry box, drawer, door or behind your favorite liquor cabinet. Add Velcro & place behind a valued painting. Also can be used for personal protection. A whistle, mace or stun gun might not be quickly accessible.

INSTALERT lock can be opened with a flick of the thumb & tossed, thus distracting predator and calling attention to his evil actions. Ideal for jogging, at ATM or nightly walks. It can be rigged as a tripwire for camping-warning of approaching animals or in combat-warning of approaching enemy.

I also have the Megalert in progress that emits a 9V blast. If you find yourself buried under debris or precarious danger such as a car accident or in a smoked-filled structure, help will find you sooner than rupturing your vocal chords. And this is more suitable for under a tire of a car, heavy machinery

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Mary Cantrall

PH: 248-572-4243
Patent No. 5,517,177

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