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INOX MX-2 Battery Conditioner
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  Car Battery Conditioner
Battery Conditioner
INOX MX-2 Battery Conditioner

For Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Buses, Aviation, Farm, Earthmoving & Mining Equipment, Forklifts, Industrial, Solar & Stationary Batteries.

Up to 2-3 times more life for new batteries and new life to older mechanically sound batteries.

Increases battery efficiency up to 18%
Holds charge longer between use
Better and faster cold morning starts
Constant brighter lights
Rapid power recovery and recharge
Dissolves battery killing sulphation

Sizes: 92 ml (single battery), 1, 5, & 20 liter containers.

How does it work?

Approximately 70% of lead-acid batteries over a period of time stop operating because of a build-up of lead sulphate (sulphation) on the plates. Charging the battery does not stop this sulphation from happening. INOX MX-2 Battery Conditioner is an electro-chemical catalyst that can be added to any lead-acid battery to increase the performance and life of the battery.

Inox Green
1845 E. Rand Rd., Suite 103
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
P) 847 346 2324
F) 847 749 2296

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